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Sigur Ros Is Coming?

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I wouldn't mind.
I wouldn't mind.

Ok, I'm hoping that's the only Sigur Ros joke I make. Actually, I don't because if I have the opportunity to make more, it probably means that Gylfi Sigurdsson is a Liverpool player.

Now that we have entered the silly season, and we still have a couple days before Euro 2012 kicks off, we will hear dozens and maybe hundreds of rumors, mountains of speculation, and a lot of blind hope. However, these Sigurdsson rumors seem to have a little more legs than a lot of the ones we've heard before and will hear after.

While Brendan Rodgers will not be allowed to sign Swansea players, Sigurdsson is not a Swansea player. He's a Hoffenheim player. The Swans and Hoffenheim had agreed a 6.8 million pound fee for his signature, but both Rodgers and Sigurdsson have not been shy about telling the press it's going up in smoke because of Rodgers's move to Liverpool. Here are his quotes:

"I'd like to play on with Swansea since I was really happy there but after Brendan Rodgers left the club for Liverpool, that changed the situation.

"I expect not to stay at Swansea because of the uncertainty going on there as it is not clear who is boss. I have said that my desire to continue playing in the Premier League and Liverpool is completely considered.

"Liverpool is a big club that has a glorious history. English Premier League is the platform that I want to be and hopefully is that I continue to play in that division."

Now of course, what comes next are an avalanche of denials or claims of misquotes or poor translation, and whatever else comes in the transfer playbook for dealing with the media. But it certainly sounds like a player who wants to play for Rodgers and certainly isn't going to mind doing it at a club the size of Liverpool.

What's encouraging about Sigurdsson is he's scored wherever he's been. He banged in the goals for Reading in the Championship, and used that to get a move to the Bundesliga. He had 10 goals there last season, though admittedly the goals flow a little more freely in Germany. But still, a double-digit return from a midfielder is an antihistamine amount -- not to be sneezed at.

Most Liverpool supporters would welcome him. He's only 22, which means his best days are ahead of him. As the pointy-end of Rodgers's preferred three-man midfield, it would take some roster shifting. It depends on what Rodgers thinks of Jordan Henderson or where Steven Gerrard is best used. This could restrict the captain to a deeper position in midfield, where no one is yet quite sure that he's best. Then Henderson and Sigurdsson would split the advanced position, with the Icelander getting the majority of looks. Or it could be the reverse, but no way Gerrard is taking a backseat to anyone. Eventually, Sigurdsson is probably viewed as the torch-carrier from Gerrard.

It would mean a final curtain to Alberto Aquilani, you'd have to believe. And a seriously clipped role for Charlie Adam. Excuse me while I wipe away the tears. But with just Lucas, Hendo, Gerrard, and Sigurdsson vying for three spots, it'll be tough to crack .

But again, we'll have 385 of these stories to discuss over the coming months.