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Euro 2012 Blog Pick'em Leaderboard

New, 3 comments
Name Points
viribe32 6
loyal2reds 5
Mr. Sanchez 5
SamFels 5
Alex Hudson 5
kennv 5
Never Leave College 5
rea5661 5
hoya14 5
Ignignokt 5
CaptainFantastic8 4
PhoenixTears 4
NattyBoAndOldBay 4
Quicksloth 4
DasBoot_8 4
wildcatlh 3

*Every correctly predicted winner from a group received one point.

**I will make a post tommorrow predicting the knockout stage games, and everybody will have a chance to post their predictions for those rounds there. After the tournament, I will update this table with the final standings.

***My apologies to "soccerfreak" who I couldn't put in the above table because of technical difficulties. His predictions netted 5 points, and he'll be included in the final standings.