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Oh Of Course: Liverpool 4 - Whoever That Was 1

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Same to you, big lad. You've made us look very forward to more.
Same to you, big lad. You've made us look very forward to more.

I suppose that was ridiculous predictable.

All those weeks I said someone was going to pay, all those games we clamored for Liverpool to finally roll over someone at home, all those times we kept telling ourselves that eventually the chances would start going in, of course it would happen when it didn't matter any more. Why would this season have it any other way?

Of course, it helps when your opponent doesn't even bother. And Chelsea for sure didn't. Their lineup spoke to a concession of fourth place, and the result confirmed it. In between, it was a performance of 19 guys and a manager pretty much waiting around for a flight to Munich. They'll probably regret that when they get a look at Robben and Ribery running at a defense that's decimated by suspensions. Should be fun for us though.

But I don't want to take too much away from the Reds. Today, even though they were given plenty of space to do so, they were everything we haven't seen for months, or at least weeks. Their passing was quick, creative, incisive. Imagination returned. So did ruthlessness. Except for the last part, all those had been in evidence at points in the season before the Arsenal gut-punch, but we're undone by the lack of ruthlessness. At least we know what they're capable of?


-I shouldn't go any further without saying how wonderful Andy Carroll was. Simply terrorized Ivanovic and Terry into puddles, he was pretty much at the heart of everything Liverpool did. Shame he didn't get a goal to cap it off. But all of it makes it impossible to wait to see what he can do at Euro 2012 and especially with Liverpool next season if he can keep his head on straight. It's all there for Andy, he just has to want to go get it.

-Shame John Terry is suspended for the Champions League Final, because the duel between him and Mario Gomez would have set a record for most terrible players who have accomplished that much. My god was he awful. If I'm Roy Hodgson the first thing I do is tell John Terry to book a summer vacation, because he will kill England in the summer if allowed.

-How was ivanovic not sent off for that? Just because it hit Carroll in the chest and not the face doesn't make it less vicious or stupid. That was an intent to injure.

-Hard to believe that was only Jordan Henderson's second goal on the year, but I guess that's how it goes. I know Jordy has gotten a lot of stick this season, and it's been hard to defend him. But I still like him, and he showed why today when given the freedom of midfield. The problem is Liverpool are quite well stocked there. Might it be that Henderson and Gerrard just can't play together in the middle? I'll reserve that judgement for when Lucas returns and they both can be advanced without having to fear they need to cover for what's behind them. Lucas is far more secure than Spearing or Shelvey.. But it's worth worrying about.

-But of course, they missed a penalty. At least it wasn't a weak one saved....I guess.

-I know this was Maxi's last match at Anfield. But I don't think it should be. He can be a valuable squad player, and at his age he wouldn't ask for much more. But he has to be actually used, and he wasn't this season. And I guess with Kenny in charge, he never will be.

-And of course, there's the big save from Reina. When it didn't matter.

How perfect.

Still, it's a thrashing of Chelsea. It's a thrashing period. We should enjoy it.