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She's An Artist She Don't Look Back. We're Liverpool Supporters, So We Do: AA's Season Review - Win Of The Season

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Well she took it well.
Well she took it well.

Considering the overriding taste of bile most of us felt when the season concluded, it was hard to remember that there were wins we got quite excited about at the time. Now, with hindsight, they all seem meaningless. But we watch because we want to feel that unrestrained joy on that day, and this season wasn't bereft of that. So which one was the best?

Chelsea 1 - Liverpool 2

The first of two wins at Stamford Bridge in the span of a week. This one came in the league, and they both started from poaches from Maxi. This one came after making Luiz and Terry looks moronic, which always feels good, and Bellamy and Suarez combined to find Maxi at the far post. Daniel Sturridge equalized, but perhaps in his last good pass of the season Charlie Adam found a streaking Glen Johnson to absolutely clown Ashley Cole and put John Terry in his preferred position of trying to clear off the line instead of being where he was supposed to be to stop the chance in the first place. Johnson coolly finished with his left foot, and things seemed so much brighter then.

Liverpool 2 - Man City 2 (Carling Cup Semi 2nd Leg)

Not a "win" per se, but clinched a win in the tie. Liverpool came back from a goal down twice in this match, showing the heart and determination that disappeared so quickly in the spring. Gerrard bagged a penalty (how rare that seems now), and Bellamy and Johnson combined to send the Kop into orbit, clinching Liverpool's first final since 2007 and first trip to Wembley since forever. We thought this would be something to build off of. Whoops.

Liverpool 2 - Man United 1 (FA Cup)

Three days after the Man City win, a last gasp winner against the most hated is always a joyous occasion.

Liverpool 2 - Cardiff 2 (Liverpool win Carling Cup on penalties)

It clinched a trophy, and that's always welcome. It was probably enthralling to watch for the neutral. For the rest of us? Hmmm.....

Liverpool 2 - Everton 1 (FA Cup Semi)

A derby at Wembley that set up to make Everton's season and really sully everything that went on with Liverpool the past season (not that that didn't happen anyway), things looked pretty bleak when Jelavic accepted the invitation from Carragher and Agger to not miss. But as always, Everton's mental block when it comes to their neighbors in red manifested itself on the pitch, and Distin invited Suarez in to score. Andy Carroll just might have rescued his Liverpool career with a winner at the death, and his form took off from there. Salvation still seemed possible then.

So, what's yours?