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She's An Artist, She Don't Look Back. We're Liverpool Supporters, So We Have To - Season Review: Goal Of The Season

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One of these things is not like the other...
One of these things is not like the other...

There will come a time to analyze each player, and hand out some individual awards probably because they're fun to discuss. We'll have tons of managerial and possibly director of player candidates/rumors to go over in the coming weeks (if anyone actually wants the job). But I thought we'd kick it off today with the most fun category, and that's figuring out the best goal of the season (though we already know what's going to win, don't we?). Some I've picked on pure brilliance, and some I've picked for their importance or excitement they created at the time. Or maybe that's just one of them. Anyway, let's do it.

Sebastien Coates vs. QPR

Sebastian Coates Goal v QPR (21/03/12) (via LFCtvIOM)

It's kind of a bad memory, because it was this game where the season completely came unraveled and we knew things were headed for disappointment. But we didn't think it at the time, and that's because this goal was ridiculous, unexpected, and seemed to have wrapped things up against QPR. A central defender, in his first season in England, getting limited appearances, and he comes up with this? A perfectly executed scissor-kick perfectly placed under the bar, which it had to be to get through the maze of bodies massed up in the box to defend a corner. Just brilliant.

Dirk Kuyt vs. Man United (FA CUP)

LIVERPOOL 2-1 MAN UTD,DIRK KUYT GOAL 87min (via arrrrrrrrz)

Maybe not the most technically great but like I'm really going to leave out a last minute winner against United. That doesn't mean it was easy. Considering the point of the match it took place, and the unerring effort of the finish puts it on here. In fact, it's the kind of chance you'd trust Kuyt to bury the most. Suarez might try and get too cute, Carroll to nervous, but Kuyt, when in that kind of position, rarely missed. It was easier chances he tended to biff. And after it crashed into twine, everything about the season seemed possible. If only that ended up being true.

Craig Bellamy vs. Man City (Carling Cup)

[HD] Liverpool 2-2 Man City - Carling Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg 2012 (Craig Bellamy Goal) (via MightyLFC5)

Kuyt involved here again. And again, not the most brilliant you'll see but the work up to it was breathtaking and its importance can't be ignored as it led to our first trophy in six seasons. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who wondered just what the hell Glen Johnson was doing giving the ball back to Bellamy after being put through, but I guess I'd trust Bellers to put it away more than Johnson. And that's another wonder about Dalglish's choices this season: Bellamy completely horsed Man City while playing central striker, and then never got another chance to do so. Sure, his appearances were always going to be limited due to knees that are basically a rumor at this point. But Bellamy is still ruthless in front of goal, it's just that he gets so few looks there. For a team that struggled for goals, it didn't make too much sense.

Luis Suarez vs. Stoke (Carling Cup)

Luis Suárez Wonderful Goal vs Stoke City Carling Cup (via giannis8anfield)

And now the Luis Suarez section. This goal got ignored amongst others, with one to follow, but it's everything we love about El Pistolero. Making defenders look foolish with what looks like hardly any effort, an audacious effort miraculously executed among the boos from opposing fans. Just a giant middle finger to everyone, because Luis Suarez is better than you.

Luis Suarez vs. Norwich

Luis Suarez Beautiful Goal Vs Norwich. (via Sunny1998a)

I was tempted to put all three goals he scored that day on this part, because all three were beautiful. But obviously, this is the best, and you can just insert the paragraph I wrote above into this one.