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Liverpool v Fulham Player Ratings

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He is alive after all.  More please.
He is alive after all. More please.

Not for the first time, I have dreaded doing these. I really have absolutely no desire to write these up after that ridiculously heartless performance. If this is the trend of effort by Liverpool players, Saturday is really going to suck and misery will be even more compounded by watching Torres actually win something. Yes, I realize it was a true B-team out there, but the effort level was awful. I don't care about their abilities, their effort was abysmal. I can't write these quick enough.

The ratings:

Doni - 7 - A couple of key saves to give Liverpool a chance. Nothing he could do for the goal.

Kelly - 6 - Not a great performance, but he has to be rusty. Didn't support the attack much at all.

Skrtel - 6 - Got the game's only goal. Not his fault though, just unlucky. Solid otherwise.

Coates - 6 - Looks in over his head at times, I'm not sure about that dumb look he always seems to have on his face. He did also have a few good challenges too. Hopefully he can develop into the player the scouts thought he was.

Aurelio - 6 - That was his third game of the year. Yes, three games total and he looked like it. Did well enough in defense, but touch was off. Did have a few nice crosses though, glimpses of what could have been.

Kuyt - 5 - He just doesn't seem to have it anymore. We knew the day would come when his workrate could no longer carry his lack of talent. The day has arrived.

Henderson - 5 - A slightly better holding performance than the Norwich game, but he still looks uncomfortable there. To be fair, it isn't right for Kenny to keep doing this to him. How is he ever going to get any confidence being played out of position week in and week out?

Spearing - 5 - Well I'm glad he got this one out of the way so he can be decent for Chelski. Some very poor passes really made him look bad.

Shelvey - 5 - I know this is turning into the big debate, but I just don't see it from him. His touch and passing are generally poor and his decision making is often worse. He is young, but can you really get him to pick his head up in the next couple of years? I doubt it. Good news is that he was only around 1m from Charlton so I'm sure we can get the money back.

Maxi - 6 - Went missing for most of the game, but popped up to make a storming run into the box. Maybe should have done better, maybe it should have been called back as a penalty.

Carroll - 6 - He really came into the game at the end of the half and at the end of the game. He was anonymous at the beginning of each half though. Not entirely his fault, but it was a decent performance from the pony who was marooned by himself up top.


Enrique - 6 - Not a lot of time. Was decent while out there.

Downing - 5 - I would have hoped for more, but it isn't like he had anyone to feed off of or anyone to feed either.

Sterling - 6 - Produced probably the best cross of the game. To put it in FIFA12 terms, he seems to have about a 99 in acceleration. It was good to see him at least get a run.