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When The Music's Over: Swansea 1 - Liverpool 0

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I wish we could play like you.
I wish we could play like you.

It was a day full of drama, elation, heartbreak, heroes, villains. The spine-tingling we all must have felt at the unrestrained joy of Man City fans when Aguero's shot hit twine, and that joy being multiplied by a factor of six at the shots of devastated Man U fans. The relegation battle, the Champions League chase. There are imaged and moments from this morning that we will remember forever, and giggle about for years to come.

And then there was Swansea-Liverpool.

I suppose it is apt and fitting that with the rest of the league rocking at the foundation at many points around the country, Liverpool were merely running out the clock. Merely making up the numbers in a celebration of all that Swansea have accomplished, and the Swans fully deserve their party day for what they've done and how they've done it, I can't really remember anything about the match that just kind of came and went. Feels like the season came and went, too.

For long stretches of the match, Liverpool were spectators to the oozing confidence and swagger of a Swansea side that has been fearless all season. Their belief in what they're doing and their style is something we've gasped to see from our favorite club for what, three seasons now? It's there, you can almost see it at times, but still isn't to be grasped. And it doesn't feel like it's getting any closer to being locked in our palms. That's what's so frightening.

On a day with so many memories, Liverpool supporters only have questions and theories. We don't really know anything more about the team than we did when they ran out against Sunderland at Anfield in August. The clamor for changes is as loud as it was last summer, if not more so.

And while most of us reveled in the pure chaos of the day, and a true example of why we've committed so much of our time and emotion to wrapping ourselves in it, there has to be more than a small pang of frustration and sadness that Liverpool were involved in none of it. Whether the heartbreak or the glory, Liverpool were on the sidelines, barely even a witness. And that's not where they and we belong.

We have months to discuss what should come and what will. The postmortems and eulogies of this season will be written here and all over the place.

And yet, as I watched all the....fuck, I don't even have a word for what went on today, and though I felt somewhat left out of it all, and the jealousy started to percolate, I don't think Liverpool are as far away from being some part of it in the near future as it might feel and others will tell you. But those moments, when Liverpool are front and center of the league's and world's watching eyes, are part of the memories created and the talking points discussed, even if they come in a year's time, are not immediate. Once a season is over, it's not the next season you're waiting for, but what next season will bring. And sadly, as with every disappointing season, this day after the last game means you're as far as possible from finding out.

We'll start the review tomorrow, and we'll go player by player over the coming weeks. We'll pick a player of the season, a goal of the season, a disappointment of the season, and on and on. We'll discuss the rumors and the actual transfers, and whatever other changes come our way.

And we'll do that in the hope that when this post is written a year from now, Liverpool are in some way part of events that matter.