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One More Special Message To Go: Swansea v. Liverpool Preview

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Black-swan-trailer_medium v. Liverbird_right_medium

KICKOFF: 10am EST, 3pm BST
TV: Fuel TV in the States

There are matches to decide the title, matches to decide relegation, matches to decide Champions League places and European places. And Liverpool will play in none of these.

It's not the ending to the season you want, with nothing on the line and merely playing out the string. But Liverpool put themselves here, and we'll get to spend weeks dissecting how they got here after the match is over. So let's save that.

Assuredly, Kenny will want to close the season with two wins, if it's couched in some bullshit claim that they want to finish above Everton (I really don't care whether they finish above the Blue Shite or not. Either way, it's going to be a disappointing league position). So we shouldn't expect too many changes from the side that simply rubbed Chelsea's ass in the moonshine.

If there's any change in defense, it'll be Enrique coming in for Carragher, with Agger slotting over to his normal centerback. Considering Swansea like to pass and move and don't come with the battering ram that Chelsea like to employ, this isn't Carra's kind of match. But it's the last game of the season, so it's more likely Carragher is out there to start.

In midfield, if Steven Gerrard is even slightly less than 100% then i doubt he'll start, with a busy summer coming up. That would leave Henderson and Shelvey to partner again after putting two good performances together when paired against Chelsea and Norwich. If Kuyt didn't start his swan song at Anfield, he probably doesn't this time either. I'd like to see Maxi get one last run out, but I bet it's going to be Downing and Bellamy, back home against his hometown club's most bitter rival. Up front, there's no way it won't be Carroll and Suarez together.

For Swansea, before the season if you'd told their supporters that another year in the Premier League would have been locked up well before this game, they would have asked you to share whatever you were inhaling. But they have done just that, finishing no lower than 14th. And they've done it the way you like to see it, by being adventurous and exciting. They can really play some stuff, and have pulled out great results against a lot of the big names in the league.

The last time these two met, Michael Vorm put on one of the more ridiculous performances to keep the score tied, and of course Liverpool couldn't find a way to break through. So there's that to deal with. Danny Graham and Siggurdsson have been dangerous finishers. Dyer and Sinclair have a lot of speed on the wings, yet another reason I wouldn't want to see Agger marooned out there.

Swansea have already accomplished more this season than they could have dreamed. But they will want to give the home fans one last scalp to enjoy. Liverpool really have nothing at stake.

Make sure you have the remote handy to check out all the other matches that truly matter. Get the feeling this one could be less than enjoyable.