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Liverpool vs. Aston Villa Player Ratings

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There is a quick turn around this week as Liverpool travel to Ewood Park tomorrow to face Blackburn. But let's look back for a moment at this weekend's frustrating draw against an Aston Villa side that were hovering in the dreaded relegation zone. I feel like I am living Bill Murray's life in Ground Hog day, every weekend another predictable LFC result. There were woodwork shots, bad calls, wide open goals missed (Dirk I am looking at you). Although there were some positives. The re-emergence of a crocked Daniel Agger, man we have heard that tune before. We broke a losing streak. Also, there is a short turn around as to not dwell on this match.

I have to admit and give full disclosure that I have missed the last three matches completely (the exception of catching highlights and compilations on-line). While I am frustrated with the lack of LFC time in my life I have to admit it has done wonders for my blood pressure. I have to admit I have not even looked for a good stream of the matches as my son is in full swing of his U-5 spring soccer season. Funny watching 20 kids run around the pitch all after the ball. I will say his team has less formation discipline than LFC but they have found the back of the net more this season. I am filling in for Bro as he normally is spot on with his player ratings so these are tough shoes to fill. I am not going to rate the players as I feel that this is not a fair analysis without watching the whole match but I will convey a few thoughts on the players after the break.

Carra - why are we not seeing Coates more?

Luis - he is a work horse and it sounds like he got a few bad calls, I saw a picture of the foot stamp. It was definitely not a dive. Another post shot too? What is that 27 for the club this season?

Stevie - his cross to Luis was sublime. As Sam said he is very effective from the right. I noticed on ESPN soccernet that the starting formation had Stevie playing off Luis. I love him in this role but Luis is not a natural #9. ESPN has been known to get their formations incorrect so don't chastise me if this is wrong.

Agger - can we infuse his bones with titanium? We are a different club with him on the pitch.

Andy - He had a crap showing against NUFC, but why is he not getting a consistent run. Statistically we collect more points when he, Luis, and Stevie play together. I'm just sayin'

Dirk - How in the hell do you miss that shot. His first touch on the ball is about as good as my 5 year old.

Please feel free to add your own ratings in the comment section