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LFC News 4.5.12: Dutch Master Edition

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Dirk: going back to the homeland?
Dirk: going back to the homeland?

Good Morning AA. Host of news today. Hope you enjoy.

Be on the lookout for the Villa preview later this week!

Dirk to leave this summer via

I expect this to happen with his old club Feyenoord calling on him and news of Roma being interested. There will likely be other fringe players on their way out. I hope to make room for the youngsters and new signings. Kuyt has been an excellent servant but FSG need to sell him while they can command a reasonable fee and he does not fit in well with their movement towards youth. Also noted in this article that LFC are close to signing Crewe's Dan Smith, another testament towards the youth movement.

Kenny Dalglish: Relationship good with FSG via

Kenny is and has been in contact with Mr. Henry after every match. Media has gone nuts with the reports that Kenny had to come up with a plan for the future of LFC. Well he is the manager......

Lucas pleased with recovery via

Come back we miss you!

Where did it all go wrong via

Statistics are showing that first half of season is similar to second half. The author surmises that we lack the belief when down that we can claw back to take points. I would have to agree.

LEAKED: Kenny Dalglish's report to FSG via

This is just funny. This premier league campaign has soured but still need to have a sense of humor about it.

Aldridge: Liverpool in a crisis via

Strong word from the former striker. Sad but true.

Perch: I am not a diver via espnsoccernet.comhere!

Really? I thought you and Andy were in the Olympic diving competition! Read Bro's great article on the epidemic of diving in our lovely game

Host of transfer rumors:

Lucas Biglia - don't know much about him

Luis Suarez - rubbish

Lucas Ocampos - youngster

Antonio Vargas - nice player!

Tonny de Vilhena - Feyenoord youngster, could sweeten a potential Kuyt deal.

Reserve video against Villa

Aston Villa vs Liverpool FC Reserves by LFCmostar

UPDATED: Read this excellent write up at regarding the need for LFC and FSG to make up matchday revenue. The saving grace for LFC is the lack of debt (and Manure carry a lot of debt £540M of acquisition debt).