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I Just Can't Get Enough: Norwich 0 - Suarez 3

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Good thing it went in, thenNe
Good thing it went in, thenNe

Back when the league season still mattered, and the odd and frustrating results were piling up, a lot of us kept assuming that one day Liverpool were going to muller somebody. The law of averages just told you that with all the chances created, the posts hit, the saves made, the glaring openings biffed, at some point they would all go in and Liverpool would cruise to a victory.

It came too late, it wasn't that big of a shellacking, but at least it came before the end of the year and we can remember what it felt like.

Still, it took two Norwich mistakes for Liverpool to strike, but it's been so long since Liverpool were given any sort of break that I'm not going to complain. And of course, there was that third strike, which I'm not talented enough to describe accurately. Needless to say, it's rare that I'm brought off the couch in excitement when a game is already 2-0 late and the result is known.

It's reassuring that the game turned on a minor tactical switch in the first half. Sliding Steven Gerrard up behind Suarez and in front of Henderson and Shelvey gave Liverpool far more edge than they had early, when it looked like both teams were waiting for a train to go home for the weekend. From there, it was pretty easy stuff. Norwich barely threatened, and when they did it was James Vaughn escaping Carragher, who at least was in the right position to block a couple times.

It's three points, it's three wonderful goals. Feels pretty good.


-That's the lethal Suarez that caused the population of defenders on therapists' couches in Holland and South America to rise. He had what, four or five chances and three goals? If only he could have been that clinical all season. But it lets you know he's still there, and the longer the gap is between all the midseason problems and controversies, the more comfortable he looks. God, how far this dangerous and predatory of an El Pistolero could take Liverpool next season alone.

-I was wrong about the team selection, as Kenny looks to be going with a hybrid 11 for today and most certainly Tuesday. Some regulars, some not. I'm sure we'll see Skrtel, Carroll, Kuyt, Spearing, and Maxi in the lineup for Tuesday's game with Fulham. And from that and this one, Dalglish will pick the 11 for the Final from who's going well out of it. You can be sure that Gerrard will be behind Suarez, whoever is with Suarez up top at that point. Sounds good.

-Once Henderson combined with Shelvey deeper in the middle, everything solidified pretty well. Why wasn't this three-man look tried earlier?

-There is a side of me that would have liked to have seen the look on Gerrard's face had Suarez's ICBM from halfway not gone in.

-Jamie Carragher didn't kill anyone or score in his own net. We'll call this a win.

-Thankfully, with only four matches left total, I'm that much closer to a couple months without seeing Stewart Downing cutting in from the right to kill the momentum of any move that involves him on that side.

There's not much else to say. It's just wonderful to see Liverpool never get out of third gear, and let their superior talent to an opponent tell the tale of the day.

I just can't get enough....I just can't get enough....