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LFC News 4.26.12: Is Is Summer Yet? Edition

What they all play for.
What they all play for.

Every European footy fan knows that as their respective league seasons wind down there is the inevitable onslaught of rumors buzzing around. Everything from players, managers, ownership, and to a certain extent front office management. We have already seen the axe wielded at LFC as Damien Comolli parted ways with LFC. I am going to try not to get caught up in the hype of transfer season. I think it provides a chance for our club to re-assess where they are and what they need to do in order to get things turned around. That being said I really don't expect the likes of Messi, Pep, Murinho, or Cavani to come to LFC. But I'd like to see some sort of push towards 4th. Isn't top 4 and Champions League always the goal for LFC?

Expect the likes of Jackson Martinez, Gaston Ramirez, Luk de Jongg, etc to be linked and those to be viable links. Liverpool don't have the current position in the league or Champions League footy to offer.....yet. I feel like this summer can be spent further cleaning out deadwood and assembling a team to fight for 4th place next season. Perhaps all we need is a little more depth and a poacher. We are seeing the effects of not landing a striker, Jelavic clearly stated in January that he would welcome a move to LFC. See how that worked out for our Merseyside foes. One thing is for sure, LFC need to make a splash again in the transfer market, this summer is sure to be interesting.

UPDATE: Get your DVR's ready to roll as LFC announce documentary with Fox Soccer.

UPDATE: Nolito spotlight via

Now to the news

This is bad news?

Charlie Adam out for FA Cup Final via

Transfer Links

Jackson Martinez denies LFC link via

Interesting the last line of Martinez's quote, I think he will be an LFC player next year.

I spoke over the phone to [Jaguares president] Guillermo Cantu and asked him to be transparent with me, I am still waiting for news."

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