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Not that you had anything to do with it.
Not that you had anything to do with it.

Before getting into whatever tidbits are around Liverpool this week, and there aren't many, we have to talk about the bonkers Champions League semifinals that we've all just witnessed. God I miss when Liverpool had big European nights. Maybe the Europa League will provide some next season. I will demand nothing less.

I have to say this through gritted teeth, because I hate them so much, but it would be simply idiotic and lying if I didn't call Chelsea's heroics in the Camp Nou inspirational. While I'm sure all of us were just dying to have John Terry being sent off cost them the game, they simply wouldn't let it. Yeah, it was a 6-3-0 formation that got them out of jail, and that's not the most exciting stuff. It's also entirely frustrating to watch a team like Barcelona, not just continually but every time, try and walk through a line of six or seven. I know they don't have any aerial beasts in the lineup, and I know it's their way. But just once, you'd like to see Daniel Alves or whatever joker they threw out on the left wing just get to the byline, which was consistently open as Chelsea knew they wouldn't take it, and just fizz one across the six yard box. It might hit something and go in. Just do it once to show that you might want to. Still, we're not talking about this if an off-color Messi makes his penalty.

And I hate Frank Lampard. I mean, I really don't like him.

As for today's, I can't remember a more open half in a Champions League semifinal than the first half in Madrid. Both teams attacked each other with frenzy. What's strange is after going two up, and even after Munich had pulled one back, Madrid showed no sign of wanting to get at what had been a very vulnerable defense. Sure, it looked like they were waiting for a counter after both Munich fullbacks had ventured too far, but it never came. Mourinho will have some questions to answer for a Madrid side having it taken to them at home. Not that he'll answer them.

And Mario Gomez is still terrible. I don't know that you'll find more exciting wingers to watch together than Ribery and Robben, made all the better by the fact that they clearly hate each other. It's like Axl and Slash on a football pitch.

So at least we're saved another Classico, which were getting annoying to say the least.

-As for the goings on at Liverpool, you may have read our Fanshot earlier that Alberto Aquilani's transfer to Milan may be off. He's running out of big Italian teams to play for. However, whatever brief hope I may have is canceled out by the knowledge that Aqua probably doesn't want to stay in Liverpool at any point, even though we know Kenny rates him. And we don't even know that Kenny would play him over Charlie Adam. Some serious bridge-building would have to be done with Il Principino, if he were even open to listening. Which I doubt he is.