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Liverpool v WBA Player Ratings

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My thoughts exactly too.
My thoughts exactly too.

I don't even know what to say. Typical. More woodwork, more wasted chances, more points dropped. That is the story of our season. I don't think there is even a doubt after this game that a poacher of some type is needed and should be a top transfer target. Far too many spilled balls were not latched onto, or not finished properly. This is a massively disappointing defeat.

For those of you keeping score at home, that is now 30 times that Liverpool have hit wood. Before this game, they had struck the woodwork seven more times than the team with the second most shots off posts. I really don't know why I watch any more. The only saving grace for today was that "squeaky bum time" appears to be far more bum than squeaky right now for United. It should be a fantastic Manchester Derby coming up, let's just hope Howard Webb isn't the referee.

Ratings after the jump:


Reina - 7 - Sure he guessed wrong on the goal, but what was he supposed to do? 1v1, hung out to dry. He had two massive saves in the first half to keep the Reds level. It was nice to have him back and he showed the importance of solid goalkeeping (although it might have been better if one of those had gone in early).

Enrique - 7 - Shut down his side of the pitch and supported the attack well. Had a number of good crosses which obviously went for nothing. It was a good game back, and he needed the rest that he got sitting out the previous games (apart from the substitute appearance).

Agger - 7 - He was dangerous in the box. He did a lot more attacking than defending this game. Never caught out, always dangerous going forward.

Skrtel - 6 - I wanted to give him a 7, but those stupid fouls towards the end of the game when Liverpool needed possession really hurt the team's chances of getting the equalizer. He was very solid in the back otherwise though and kept the Baggies' attack to a minimum.

Johnson - 6 - What a tough one to rate. He was brilliant for most of the game, driving forward, linking with the strikers while providing width and crosses. However, one mindless pass ruined a decent showing.

Kuyt - 6 - His touch let him down a number of times (yes, he's back to the Kuyt of old), but he did pair well with Suarez and Johnson out there, drifting inside when required and making space for them. Also struck the post on a deflected shot. A bit unlucky there.

Spearing - 7 - He was vital to keeping WBA pinned on a number of occasions. His distribution and eye for the game seems to be improving every week and his commitment is unquestionable. Watching Shelvey showed how vital he was today.

Henderson - 6 - A much improved display from his recent performances, but that is partly because he was in his favored position. Very unlucky with the strike off the crossbar. He did well to spread the ball around and also did well with Spearing in keeping the Baggies pinned deep in their defensive half.

Maxi - 6 -Started well, finished poorly. Should have scored on a sitter. Those have to be put on net, period. At least make the keeper pull a fantastic save out of their ass. He was pretty much absent the entire second half until he was subbed.

Carroll - 6 - While he created a number of chances, he also wasted a number that were set up for him. I brought it up before earlier in the season, but he seems to have real trouble judging the flight of the ball. Perhaps an eye exam will do him wonders. He did however, have some great moves, like a superb flick to Suarez and the clever touch back to Hendo so it wasn't a poor game by any means. That said, he has to start finishing, he is a striker.

Suarez - 8 - Absolutely wonderful. There is no explanation for why no one was picking up his scraps, but it didn't happen. He gave the WBA backline fits all game long. Sure, he probably should have scored one of them, but he was also denied by a fantastic save in the first half from point blank range. Just a massively unlucky day.


Bellamy - 5 - His introduction ruined everything. It wasn't necessarily his fault, but he effectively removed Suarez from the game with his introduction and play. Suarez had down quite well drifting wide and showing for the wide players, but Bellers just wanted to put his head down and drive to the touchline. He tried, but nothing he tried really came off and overall it wasn't a good cameo.

Downing - N/A - Not much time, not much he could do at that point. Liverpool had already given up. He had a few dangerous crosses, but no one was there. Story of his season.

Shelvey - N/A - I think he is more likely to get a yellow that Bellamy in a game. He still has failed to win me over as I just don't think he has the mind for the game. He is young so he has time to prove me wrong, but I am not hopeful. Removing the holding mid Spearing (who was pressed very high) meant that when balls were cleared, there was no one to pick up the scraps. There was a huge hole where Spearing was for the last part of the game. (Kenny's fault, not his)