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Liverpool POY Candidates: Steven Gerrard

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A legend.
A legend.

I hope to do maybe 3-4 more of these, and then at the end decide the winner. Vote in the poll after the jump! Now to the actual analysis...

There is absolutely no denying the value that the ol' captain has brought to the club, but the question is, what is his value as of right now? It's a fairly difficult question to answer however, as he also brings intangibles that can't be calculated through mere numbers. I'll try though.

On the Pitch: If he's healthy (a big if), then he's in the starting eleven. If he's healthy he also makes some sizeable contributions. He certainly can get up for the big games (City, United, Everton) but has fatigued as the season has worn on, leading to a bit of a form dip. I don't have any doubt that he'll play out of his mind against Chelsea (unless he back passes right to Drogba like he did a few years ago), but how will he close out the premier league season? Do his injuries disqualify him for POY candidacy? His numbers are certainly much lower than when he was in his heyday only a handful of years ago. His eight goals and five assists are his lowest since the 2003/2004 season, and he's taken a mere 51 shots compared to Downing's 77 and Kuyt's 66. The only part of Gerrard's game that is keeping him up there in conversations with the top class players is his work rate in tracking back and covering an entire field by himself, and his knack for the dramatic. On the field I would say that he hasn't been quite as valuable as Agger or even Suarez.

Off the Pitch: This is how he'll be of use to our club as his career winds down. Gerrard remains the face of the club, a face that represents integrity and class. Unfortunately, some events not to be spoken about transpired and the rest of the footballing world has changed their perspective on us. The only man able to restore sanity is Steven Gerrard. When King Kenny rushed the pitch after Reina's red card, Gerrard did the right thing by telling him to sit his butt back down. Funny thing is, Dalglish obeyed like a child that's been bad and knows it. That's just one example of how influential our captain is. I think that this season and the next few seasons, Gerrard will be a great mentor for some of our more inexperienced players. Hey, he may even have a managerial position in his future.

Final Opinion: He still provides excitement and is an integral piece to our midfield, but I don't see him as a real POY because of his injuries and because his tired legs have caused a few poor games. If he gets a key goal in the FA Cup my opinion may change.