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After going down weakly 2-0 in the first half, Liverpool fought back brilliantly to come up with a 2-2 draw. Rodolfo Borrell must have said something right after the first 45 minutes because a much hungrier and aggressive side came out of the tunnel. Suso was the man who led the comeback with a string of precise passes that unlocked the defense multiple times.

With rain pouring mercilessly on the players at the beginning of the second half, Ngoo had a tap in off of a grounded cross. After the score was made 2-1, Liverpool were able to maintain possession and look for the equalizer. Suso narrowly missed two shots from outside the box after some fantastic runs, and Eccelston embarrassingly booted the ball to another planet after being sent in on goal by a pass from Andre Wisdom. After a small break in activity, Eccelston badly mishit an open header at the far post, and the fans who hadn't already left because of the rain along with me thought that we were headed to another disappointing result. Suso managed to put one final stamp on the match however, as his ball sent fullback Mendy down the wing, and the ensuing cross was ushered into the net by the previously wasteful Eccelston. Even though we probably should have gone on to win, a result against United is never a bad thing.

-Eccelston is really not that good. Can we put to bed the "maybe has future on the first team" debate?

-So pumped for the Chelsea game.

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