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Liverpool v Everton Player Ratings: The FA Cup Sem-Final Edition

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Who is riding Andy Carroll at the Grand National? I thought he was at Wembley on Saturday.
Who is riding Andy Carroll at the Grand National? I thought he was at Wembley on Saturday.

Another series of comedic errors, at least this time they cancelled each other out. Except for Kenny's decision to leave Enrique out and start Agger in his place. I still don't understand that one.

It seemed as if Everton's defensive gameplan was to obstruct, obstruct and when that doesn't work, obstruct some more. And why not, if Man United's player of the year isn't going to call it, then I can't blame them for continuing it. Suarez had a nice tackle from one situation, a real American football tackle.

It was a good victory and who would have guessed the stars of the match. It was a showing that we have been waiting for all year, slowly dying one missed chance at a time while we waited for Suarez and Carroll to form a partnership. The seeds are starting to sprout and Liverpool have a great record with Suarez, Gerrard and Carroll in the line up. I have absolutely no idea why Carroll seems to be the third side to that triangle, but the results don't lie.

I hope they booked round trip tickets, because Liverpool are going back to Wembley!! I can't think of a better way to honor the 96. And remember, DON'T BUY THE SUN!

The ratings after the poll and jump:


Jones - 6 - He was hung out to dry on the goal. He flapped horribly at a cross. Other than that he was a decent (not great, but sufficient) cover for Reina. My god did he come far for a couple of those balls. Well done to get them, but my heart aged about 20 years when I saw him collecting at the 18 yard line through a mass of 3 bodies.

Johnson - 6 - He was good enough, but his passing really let him down a number of times. He also didn't get forward too often. I am not convinced he is anywhere close to match fit after that layoff.

Carragher - 5 - He was responsible for the goal, and just generally couldn't keep up with the game. Jaime, please hang it up. You are a legend, I love you, but it is time. I no longer dream of a team of Carraghers. Those are now nightmares.

Skrtel - 7 - A bit reckless with a couple of challenges, but covered for Carra's mistakes and had a decent game overall. He dealt with pretty much every cross that Everton threw into the box.

Agger - 5 - Just like Johnson, his passing was less than spectacular. I do not understand what Daglish was thinking with this formation. He also hung Downing out to dry, making Downing create all the width on the left while Downing was out there. He got sucked way to far into the center on way too many occasions in the first half. I hope Enrique enjoyed his rest. Now get your ass back in there, son.

Downing - 7 - He was the spark in the second half. He should have an assist on the record for a beautiful cross to Carroll's head. He hasn't set the world on fire this year, but he also hasn't been anywhere close to as bad as many people think.

Spearing - 6 - He did well enough and won a number of aerial battles (shockingly). His distribution is clearly getting better too. Sure he overplayed Suarez once and had a few other miss hits, but do you remember how long it took Lucas to get this part of his game down?

Gerrard - 7 - He was trying to lead from deep. He had a number of threatening runs in the second and kept trying to lead by example. I'll take it any day. He still looks to have plenty of gas in the tank.

Henderson - 6 - Well he was alright until his yellow (and I think he had a case, it sure looked a corner to me), but he has to learn to get hold of himself. He worked hard, tracked back, but also was absent at times when Johnson needed an overlap for width. There was very little width on his side of the pitch most of the game.

Carroll - 8 - Seriously, I think he whipped it in with his pony tail. Is that legal? I suppose if Rooney can score with that fur ball on his head it must be legal. Clearly Felani didn't think it was possible because he kept looking towards the sky for the ball. Kidding aside, he won a number of headers and on those wins, had flicks into the right spaces. He worked hard for most of the second half and didn't let his miss get him down too badly. If he hadn't missed that sitter, he'd have been a 9. Great game, and a fantastic last 10 minutes.

Suarez - 9 - He was constantly harassing the Everton back line. He tricked Distin into playing the ball back to Howard and pounced. He still had it all to do and he capped it with a fantastic finish. In addition, he worked unbelievably hard for the last 5 minutes to kill the game. He was obstructed nearly every step in the first half, but other than the Ray Lewis like tackle on Heitinga (which was one of the few times Heitinga actually didn't try to obstruct him), he didn't bitch too much (by Suarez standards) and beat them where it mattered.


Maxi - 6 - Boy was I glad to see him. I didn't think Hendo was going to last much longer with Webb in the middle. He popped up again to almost score. Was denied by an unbelievable save by Howard. I'm not sure Howard knew too much about it, but it was still a great save.

Bellamy - 7 - Not long on the pitch, but he made an immediate impact, first on Howard Webb's ear, then by crossing the ball right to the pony's tail which he expertly whipped in. Well done for a man with no neck, and no knees.