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Saturday's All Right For Fighting: Liverpool 2 - Everton 1

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Cometh the hour....
Cometh the hour....

The ups, the downs. The inexplicable reasons for both. The illogical decisions, the baffling behavior at times. The euphoria, the depression. This season, Liverpool have become that crazy girlfriend all your friends beg you to break up with because all she does is drive you nuts, probably does too many drugs, and you know in the end will be destructive. But man, is she something in the sack. And you can't let go, can you?

Today's is one of those good days. Liverpool were pretty awful in the 1st half, but full of fight and belief in the second. And it's those two qualities that usually win out in derbies. So it proved again. It wasn't always pretty, or elegant, but simply wanting it more is usually the only thing required. And Liverpool did.


-Andy Carroll, I'm running out of things to write about you. I said why I was sympathetic and support you on Tuesday, and you once again proved why. Carroll didn't hide after missing a couple sitters, and while he's going to have to be more ruthless soon he was still there to provide the hold up play and the final finish. Other strikers might not have. I so want this to be the game we look back on in a few years and identify it as the one where everything turned around for our No. 9. Only time will tell, but it feels that way. Just a little.

-Liverpool managed to win this despite some baffling decisions from their manager. Like some of you I'm sure, I'm in the market for a new ceiling fan after seeing Carragher in the lineup. The only reason he played is because he's "Carra", or more to the point he was. But that kind of sentiment has no place at a club trying to progress and rebuild. It also fouled up the way they wanted to play, because you can't build from the back when you're best player at playing from the back is shunted to the left of defense. Whatever, he only gave away one goal and nearly another, right?

-That was added on to by rewarding Jordan Henderson for his thunderous display at Blackburn by once again forcing him out wide right and then wide left in the hopes of getting anything from Stewart Downing. While Downing started to fizz on the right, it rendered Henderson completely useless. As long as you're shifting things around mid game, why not let Gerrard take a turn out on the right and Henderson in the middle? Or flip to a 4-3-3 with both Henderson and Gerrard through the center? With the way things went in the 1st half, nothing should have been off the table.

-Did Craig Bellamy come out of the womb arguing?

-Luis Suarez's antics are a lot more palatable when he's in this sort of unplayable form.

-I don't get Everton. Fellaini and Gibson were running midfield in the 1st half, and then they just stopped. They had a vulnerable Johnson and Downing down their left and yet never went at them with anyone. Jelavic disappeared after his goal, and yet wasn't given any help from the bench. Did Tim Cahill even play after providing the backboard for Carra's clearance?

But it doesn't matter. It's another Final, it's another big win, and it's another chance to wrap up the season on a high. Right now, that sounds pretty good.