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LFC News 4.13.12: The Apprentice Addition


Well, lots of pink slips delivered by FSG yesterday. I read one tweet yesterday that said they imagined a child sized goal in the LFC board room yesterday and all that were on the chopping block were asked to put the ball in the back of the net. Thus combining our frustration of on the pitch and off the pitch woes.

Let's also remember that this Sunday April 15th marks the 23rd Anniversary of the Hillsbourough Disaster where 96 Liverpool supporters lost their lives. Keep their families in your thoughts.

On to the news

Tom Werner on the Comolli decision via

Frank discussion on why Comolli was sacked. This quote below makes me believe it will be a busy transfer window this summer.

We're coming close to the end of the season and the transfer window for the summer, and we felt it was important to make this change expeditiously.

Johan Cruyff linked with LFC vacancy via

Former Barca coach and Ajax executive is tapped for the LFC vacancy of Director of Football. Very qualified in my opinion. Mr. Henry is a fan of his work at Ajax. Would he a shrewd hire.

PSV eye Eccleston via

PSV are apparently eyeing Nathan Eccleston over the summer. It would be a nice loan for him, I am personally not ready to sell him.

Comolli and Moneyball via

Paul Tomkins on Comolli exit via

Two fantastic articles at Tomkins Times take some time and read these for an in-depth view at the sacking of Comolli

LFC interested in Hector Herrera via

Andres Fassi, the chief executive of the Mexican club, has confirmed the Anfield side's interest in the youngster, who is tipped to become a star should he make the move to the Premier League.

He told ESPN: 'At the moment, we know that Liverpool is interested. But that's all it is at this point, an interest.'

Young Red's highlights in win over Baggies

Suso sinks Baggies by lfmostar

Redmen TV FA Semi Final Preview

Liverpool v Everton: FA Cup Semi Final Build Up (PART 1) (via WeAreTheRedmen)