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The Circus Is In Town: Liverpool 3rd Choices 2 - Liverpool 3

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Yeah, we don't believe it either
Yeah, we don't believe it either

All you can ask is that if you're going to be bad, at least be entertaining. Certainly passed that bar today.

As you know by now, I like to take my time in writing these wrap. It's nice to let the emotions and adrenaline die down a bit before trying to make sense of it all. I don't know how one goes about making sense about whatever that was on display at Ewood Park, but I guess that's the job.

The thing is, I don't know what to be so upset about. Liverpool were firmly in control of this match, until their third-choice, teenage, out of his depth right back made a mistake only further showcasing that he's out of his depth. That's going to happen when you're down that far in the pecking order. And then the missed penalty, and Liverpool went on to control things more.

Then an unlucky free kick. Not that Craig Bellamy shouldn't have been called for handball, he should have, he was just about a foot and a half from getting the challenge in. Of course, some horrific set piece marking once again is worth complaining about.

Then Liverpool controlled the match again. Blackburn didn't create anything, and the match looked like it would just peter out in ho-hum fashion. But then the third choice keeper made a third choice keeper error. Again, it was funny at the time, but why throw all the toys out the pram when you're resorting to a keeper you never thought would see the light of day?

And from there, Liverpool once again took control, and always looked the more likely to score, aside from a lovely own-goal attempt from Andy Carroll. Though they didn't create too many chances, they had the ball more. And of course, the unlikeliest of contributors wins the match on a fantastic header.

Just your normal Premier League win, right?

-Andy Caroll, I don't even know what to say any more. Think about where this kid has been in the past year. He's realizing the dream of wearing the #9 shirt from the only club he ever wanted to play for, and then is told one day he's being shipped out from his boyhood team because Newcastle want the gobs of money. Now he's got the pressure of that fee from a transfer he never asked for or conceived of, all while at a new club with new methods in a new style that isn't quite suited for him. He's in and out of the team, hearing all kinds of things from everywhere, and still has that fee hanging over him. He tries hard, but it's not enough. And yet he keeps trying, at least most of the time. He gets nailed for chances missed that weren't as easy as people make it sound, but he can't buy a slice of luck either. But he keeps providing little moments that make you hope, and I guess I can't help but root for the guy because of all this. I know he occupies defenders and opens things up for others.

-Here's what I don't get about Blackburn's second penalty. If the ref rules that it's not a sending off because Coates would have gotten there, then why is it a foul on Yakubu? The possession is over, right? If anything, shouldn't it be obstruction and an indirect free kick from four feet out? Whatever, that's just my thing.

-Jordan Henderson was immense today, and from right back. I don't know how often he's played there in his life, but he was fine defensively and kept running the line to make things happen in attack. By far the man of the match.

-Yakubu's first was the worst penalty I've ever seen. Even worse than Adam's at Wembley. At least Adam hit his hard.

-Maxi Rodriguez is just Argentinian for Dirk Kuyt. He really doesn't do much other than pop up for goals, but he does it at greater pace than Kuyt, but without the defensive work. Whatever, the club probably needs to move on from both of them.

Once again, Liverpool showed a modicum of heart to snatch a winner, after snatching a draw in the last game. Maybe sometimes, guts is enough.