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Its been awhile since a reserve update. I just purchased LFC TV and hope to start writing as often as I can (no promises though). On Tuesday, we tied Everton 0-0 away from Melwood and looked very dangerous and creative, but didn't score. I would pick either Suso or Raheem Sterling as our MOTM. More after the jump...

Failure has a way of being contagious. Yes, the reserves were able to draw an Everton side literally loaded with first team players, and our side showed great potential, but for goodness grief put the ball in the stinking net! I counted at least four chances where we almost certainly should have scored, not to mention a flurry of sheer brilliance by Raheem Sterling ended heartbreakingly by the outside of the post. I really really hope that this was a one game issue but the way I've seen the men in red play lately has thrown a blanket of doubt over my eyes.

Anyways, enough with the griping. There were many positives that can be taken from the draw. What I love about our reserves is that some of the best players play in positions that we need in the first team. I see Sterling turning into a Wright-Phillips or a Kalou type of winger but just a lot better. Also, there are versatile and creative midfielders like Suso and Connor Coady that have lots of potential. In form striker Michael Ngoo is a player that I see as very interesting. He is tall and strong, but also deceptively quick and good with his feet. The way he gracefully strides across the pitch reminds me of how smooth Power Forwards run in the NBA. Why not see if a player like Ngoo can get some goals for the first team? He scored twice on two very good runs against the Wigan reserves recently and also seems like a very intelligent and well spoken person from interviews.

The reserves have a very important game coming up against Ajax in the Next Gen semifinals next week. These are the types of games in which the players with the most potential shine, and I look forward to seeing if we can continue the beautiful passing and link-up play en route to a victory.