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LFC News 3.26.12 : Back to the Future Part 2 Edition

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Can he right the ship?
Can he right the ship?

Just when Kenny said he would not include the youngsters at Wigan, well if the senior players aren't cutting it why not? Some new news for a fresh week. Let's put last week behind us.

In-Depth: Why Are Liverpool Struggling via

I really enjoyed this article by Paul Tomkins. He is a fantastic LFC fan and author. I agree with most of his assessments the ones that I diverge from is that he does not mention Kenny's tactical bone head blunders. Let's be honest there have some major gaffes.

Liverpool want Matias Suarez via

Apparently the attacker from Anderlecht is on Damien and Kenny's radar. I do not follow him but have viewed the highlights below and he appears to have a nose for the back of the net. His movement without the ball appears to be uncanny. Perhaps he could effectively partner with Luis.

Video after the jump

Matias Suarez - El Magico - 2011 (via BartVanderHaegen)

Video of Raheems LFC first team debut

Raheem Sterling Debut vs Wigan Athletic | 24.03.12 (H) (via LumixGoalsTV)

Suarez 9 or 10 via

Excellent analysis on whether or not we are playing Luis in his most effective role. Great read worth the time.