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LFC News 3.24.12 : Back to the Future Edition

Don't Expect to see any of these guys anytime soon.
Don't Expect to see any of these guys anytime soon.

Good Morning AA Brethren. Today's news clippings will not look back to the QPR debacle and epic collapse (to quote Bromantic). We are looking forward in this edition.

Liverpool FC: The bigger picture via

Si Steers takes a good look at the business perspective of the FSG model and their blueprint for success and how this model especially given FFP is around the corner will take time to accomplish. He contends that FSG is in this for the long haul and is driven by an economic return but they do not expect this short term. Worth the read.

Kenny: It's not time for the kids via

Please all at AA, don't get your hopes up for the kids the weekend or likely for any weekend in the near future.

Transfer Spotlight: Cristian Tello via

Kenny and Damien are apparently in for Cristian, who is a prodigy in the Barca academy (isn't that all they produce). He can play the wing and forward with ease and he even scored a few goals in Messi's 5 goal stunner in the CL this month. He really wants to stay at Barca (who can blame him) but let's see if LFC can lure him away.

Rafa SI interview via

Excellent interview from Rafa Benitez via sports illustrated. Love him or hate him he is an intruging manager. It covers his current projects (his website included). He talks about his transfer signings, and the fact he wanted to sign Stevan Jovetic

"My idea was to play Mascherano, Lucas, [Steven] Gerrard, Aquilani -- two of these four players in the middle and Jovetic between the lines, but we didn't have the money."

Man that would have been a nice line up. Anyways I digress great read!

UPDATE: Redmen TV Wigan Preview

As always please look for Sam's preview for the Wigan match this weekend. Bromantic's player ratings after the match. I am hoping for more ratings in the 7-9 range this weekend!

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