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Kicked while down
Kicked while down

I'll be honest here. I had to cut out of this match shortly after Coates's wonderful goal for Blackhawks duty. That's frustrating for you all, I know that. I taped the rest of the match, and even though I knew I wouldn't be able to resist checking the result on my phone, I promised myself I would come home and watch the rest of it. But then I saw the result, which actually didn't come as a huge shock once I saw QPR pull one back. Bromantic volunteered to do a wrap, but the match caused him to get absolutely slaughtered at the bar, and I doubt there's one reader who would blame him for that, or wish that they weren't joining him.

And I'm not gonna watch it. And I'm not going to do a wrap. Even if I could or had any desire to, would you want to read it? Who wants to relive it? So this will just be an extension of the postgame thread, a place for you to vent and commiserate.

If the league season was dead before, and it probably was, this was blowing up the corpse to stop one leg from twitching. There are so many complaints, from players to manager to mentality to whatever else. I could ask why Flanagan, a still promising youngster, didn't get a run out when the league is probably shot anyway and more importantly Kelly was clearly not fit to play this match. I could ask why Henderson being brought on for an injured Adam necessitated a change in formation. Or why Coates didn't go to the left of central defense where he's more comfortable. I could point out that mistakes from Skrtel or Enrique are rare, and may be due to utter exhaustion.

But in the end, what good what it do? And though it hurt, and was stupid and inexcusable, it probably didn't cost all that much other than mental anguish. As I said, the league season was gone anyway, no matter what we could convince ourselves of. This won't make it more gone.

There are only two matches, maybe, that will matter left. That's the way it goes. I sincerely hope that Dalglish uses these last nine games to get a look at those in the reserves and academy to see if they could help one day. Flanagan, Suso, Sterling, whoever else. What can it possibly hurt?

Anyway, sorry for what amounts to unprofessionalism on my part, but I'm sure you'll understand.