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Schedule Analysis and Reserves/U-18 Segment Introduction

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My thoughts exactly.
My thoughts exactly.

Exciting stuff here! After the jump I go through Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool's schedule game by game to see how much of a shot we've got at fourth with some delicious tables. Enjoy.

Arsenal Draw
@Sunderland Draw
Everton 2-1 Win
@QPR 1-0 Win
Wigan 4-1 Win
@Newcastle Draw
Villa 2-0 Win
@Blackburn 4-0 Win
Fulham Draw
West Brom 1-0 Win
@Norwich Draw
Chelsea 3-2 Win
@Swansea 1-0 Win

68 Points, +20 GD

@Liverpool Draw
Newcastle 2-0 Win
@Everton Draw
Villa 2-0 Win
@QPR 1-0 Win
Man City 2-0 Loss
@Wolves 2-0 Win
Wigan 4-1 Win
Chelsea Draw
@Stoke 1-0 Win
Norwich 2-0 Win
@West Brom Draw

65 Points, +29 GD

@West Brom Draw
Stoke 2-0 Win
@Man City 3-1 Loss
Tottenham 2-2 Draw
@Villa 1-0 Win
Wigan 4-1 Win
@Fulham Draw
Newcastle 2-0 Win
@Arsenal Draw
QPR 2-1 Win
@Liverpool 3-2 Loss
Blackburn 4-0 Win

68 Points, +26 GD

These graphics take into account a few things to make the process more balance. Whenever there was an identical fixture (they all play Wigan at home) I gave each team the same result as to not pick favorites. The key games are of course the battles within these three teams. Liverpool have a significantly easier schedule than both Arsenal and Chelsea, resulting in their catching up in the race for fourth. Unfortunately, in my predictions, Liverpool will tie Chelsea but lose on goal differential. Also note that Newcastle is not included because their schedule was to difficult to overcome.

Another thing that I wanted to mention is that I got Liverpool TV and will be making posts about the reserves and the U-18s when I can. For those of you that have had it for awhile-can you watch a full game replay on the site on the same day of the game? This information would really come in handy for me.

Lastly, feel free to discuss and most likely critique my above schedules as much as possible as they serve partially as a mere reference for you all.

Oh! I almost forgot to say that thanks to your help the Twitter page is making outstanding growth. As always, there will be live quips and thoughts on it come gameday so don't forget to follow and tune in at!/AnfieldAsylum.