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ATL: Tragedy and Torres Edition

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As you all probably know, this last weekend Fabrice Muamba collapsed in a FA Cup match against Tottenham. The game was rightly abandoned and doctors soon said that the Bolton midfielder had suffered a heart attack. It's shocking that a person with such a bright future in the game and a great competitor could be on the brink of death in a matter of seconds. Liverpool prayers go out to him and his family and hopefully he'll get through it.

After the jump I'll discuss some less somber issues such as Fernando Torres and why I want Peter Crouch back in our uniform...

Torres Lifts Chelsea With Two Goals, Two Assists: A great performance by him, showing class even if it was against a bad side. Like any Liverpool supporter, the initial news of Nando handing in a last minute transfer request and going to Chelsea left me with mixed emotions (mostly devastation) that I still have not completely conquered. It hurt when he said he never loved the club. However, every time I'm in the mood to feel nostalgic about that one time we were good, I still watch his goals. Somehow, I can't hate him and I almost feel happy when he puts in MOTM performances like this one. Even if he does recover at Chelsea this year, I feel that he made a career mistake in leaving and that his future does not lie in English football. I see Chelsea unloading him to a rich Spanish side like Malaga or even Italian Napoli if Cavani leaves.

Peter Crouch: What stuck out for me the most from the Stoke side in today's match was Crouch's cool touch and control, leading to multiple openings and chances. If Carroll continues being Carroll, why not sign Crouch? We payed Carroll gobs of cash to do what Crouch can do decently at a cheap price. Give Carroll a year under Crouch's guidance and see if something can come of it. If we want to qualify we need to make smart buys and not just throw money at foreign talent. It's always nice seeing hardworking former players come back. Also get Maxi out of here, someone will be dumb enough to buy him.

United Beat Wolves 5-0: Now four points clear of the top, the April 30th date with City looks to be their only obstacle. If City don't win it will have been another hundred million down the toilet and another year without a title.