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LFC News 3.16.12 : Farewell Aqua Edition

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Farwell Aqua YNWA
Farwell Aqua YNWA

It's been a while since I have posted the LFC news clippings. Hope that you enjoy the tidbits for the day.

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Farwell Aqua YNWA via

Aqua is looking for a permanent move to Milan over the summer. There is a £5M clause in his loan triggered if he appears in 25 matches for Milan. He is sitting at 22 matches and they still have the semi-finals for the Champions League and the remainder of the Serie A schedule. He will hit is 25 match trigger and will likely sign this summer. This will go down as Rafa's biggest transfer flop. So much potential but he was never settled in England and rarely cracked Rafa's starting XI. YNWA Alberto, good luck.

Pics of the lads training for Sunday's important FA Cup clash with Stoke via

Come on you Reds! Important FA Cup tie this weekend. Be sure to stick around as Sam will provide his insightful match preview you will not want to miss it!

Suarez linked to Juventus via him to be linked with just about everyone under the sun. He is such an enigmatic talent and creates so many opportunities for his teammates, it helps if they are in the box or somewhere around him to covert those chances.

Ayre commenting on Stadium "conundrum" via

I think a new ground that can provide around 65,000-70,000 seats would be the best option. If there were any way to upgrade Anfield I could get all over that. I just don't think that will happen. We need bigger gate numbers to compete with the other large clubs. This is a largely hypothetical assumption but say the net ticket proceed is about £20 per seat an addition of 20,000 seats would provide another £7.6M in revenue over the course of a Premier League season. This assumes a sell out of every match and other assumptions. But worth the investment.

Kenny at Stamford Bridge via

Kenny Dalglish was spotted Wednesday at Stamford Bridge, no not for the CFC coaching vacancy but apparently scouting Cavani and Lavezzi of Napoli FC. The Napoli Chairman has already said it will take £100M for the pair. I am all for it. But secretly I think he was scouting for Nando.....just sayin. I am obviously saying this tongue in cheek.

Below is the Redmen TV Stoke/LFC 6th Round FA Cup preview. These guys are hilarious. Hope you all enjoy the match this weekend. I will be preparing to move this weekend. So I will watch the re-play on FSC this Sunday. I predict a 1-0 LFC win. Stevie caps off a fantastic week by burying a freekick.

Liverpool v Stoke: FA Cup 6th Round Match Build Up (UNCENSORED) (via WeAreTheRedmen)