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Next Gen: Clinical Ajax Drill Defenseless Reds 6-0

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Not gonna win that argument.
Not gonna win that argument.

From the first whistle, this game had doomsday written all over it for Liverpool. Our lineup was pretty normal in the midfield and the attack, but our defense was missing some names normally found in the reserve side such as John Flanagan. Overall, it was very disappointing to lose to a team because of mental errors and poor finishing, even if the talent disparity wasn't too large.

On the opening attack of the match for Ajax, a few simple passes allowed attacker Vitkor Fischer to capitalize on a small opening at the top of the box and cooly slot past the keeper, causing me to woefully sigh in disgust. After the early goal, Liverpool looked a different animal as our team force fed Raheem Sterling time and time again on the wing. After a few half chances, Sterling showed a supreme amount of class and footwork to get past a defender and draw a penalty. But what happened? You guessed it! Suso hit an unconvincing shot which was simply saved and parried out. Off the rebound, Suso had a nearly open net but absolutely botched it and the keeper made a second save.

As the game wore on, Ajax's core took over. A careless giveaway where the Liverpool defender basically said "here's the ball" after an inability to clear at the back gave Ajax a goal just as things were beginning to unravel. What irritated me the most about our attacking play is that after the first penalty, everybody took a nudge in the area as a signal to flop like a fish. Not cool guys. At the top level they would present you with the worst possible insult, a comparison to Fernando Torres. Anyways, after Raheem was nearly awarded a second penalty, things started to deteriorate further as our composure went through the window. In the 48th minute, Ajax scored a tap in after Liverpool keeper Danny Ward couldn't cleanly respond to a shot struck right at him to make it 3-0 and all but seal the deal. Seconds later, Suso hit post from a free kick, but the second half brought no serious threats from our side after that. Ajax put three more past us including a penalty giveaway by Wisdom and a crooked scoreline was set at 6-0.

-If I had to pick a MOTM it would be Sterling, although his second half performance was below par.

-Almost every Ajax goal was due to defensive or goalkeeping errors. If we had hit our penalty and actually tried to stop them it would have been a close affair.

-I have to mention it: What in the world has gotten into Chelsea?

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