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One Man Band: Everton 0 - Gerrard 3, That's The Way I Like My Derbys

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Can you please give birth to a few more goals?  And kids?  We'll need the kids in the future, the goals now.
Can you please give birth to a few more goals? And kids? We'll need the kids in the future, the goals now.

Is it "Derbies" or "Derbys"? Derbies just looks funny to me. On to the real topic at hand:

Well that was a bit more than I was expecting, and I am okay with that. Everton were riding a quite impressive unbeaten streak coming into this game and Liverpool.......well let's just forget about everything that has happened in 2012 (except the Carling Cup) until now. So today starts a new season, where we the same old story of Liverpool rings true, Steven Gerrard is our team.

Much will be made of Everton's very weak starting eleven, but it was still a solid team win for Liverpool where nearly everyone played extremely well as a group. There was one obvious misfit, but I'll get to him in the player ratings. This cohesion has been lacking for quite a while, but it was great to see Andy Carroll galloping instead of lolloping and Luis Suarez linking up like we had all once hoped for. Maybe there is a sliver of hope.

This was by far one of the most tame Merseyside Derbys I have seen in a long time. There were few crunching tackles and little animosity until the game was well out of Everton's reach. Part of me thinks this was due to Tim Cahill not playing as he always seems to put in a whole-hearted (borderline reckless) display when he plays in these games. Perhaps it was a bit of the Everton players knowing they were only half trying to win this game. Either way, it wasn't overly chippy.

This is only the second game in a tough couple of weeks. The lads need to get some rest because the fixtures are coming fast and furious. On to Stoke. This is some good momentum to go into the game with, cross your fingers.

The bullets after the break:

-Well, lets talk about the elephant in the room. Charlie Adam obviously wasn't on the pitch today and the team flourished. It wasn't a blemish free performance, but it was night and day compared to our recent form. Is he now anything more than a squad player?

-Maybe Adam needs long range passing lessons from Andy Carroll. Did anyone else see that?

-Is there anything Gerrard can't do? Really, he is so intelligent and while I feel his talents are wasted deeper, he still managed to control the game and score three.

-Does Fellani actually have control of his elbows or is there a Ratatouille thing hiding in his hair pulling all the strings? Some of those flailing elbows were awful.

-Please, no more Henderson on the wings. All the people in the front rows behind the net were getting pummeled every time he tried to cross. It was awful. If he keeps playing out wide, helmets will be mandatory for the first 5 rows behind the net.

-Downing had another decent game. It is seeming more and more that it may not entirely be his fault that he isn't producing assists. It is hard to get credit for them on a team that can't score (since unfortunately you don't get points for hitting woodwork).

-This treble had the feeling of Torres and Gerrard in their spectacular year. If Suarez and Gerrard can keep this up, the race for fourth may be unlikely, but it isn't completely over.

-Wayne Rooney tweeted before the game, "Can't wait for the game tonight. If everton win they go above liverpool. Come on everton". I hope this game made him pull his hair plugs out.

-Kelly was fantastic, but someone needs to give him a shooting lesson. Unfortunately, I don't think we have anyone on this team qualified to do so, maybe Gerrard.