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Q&A With Royal Blue Mersey

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Brian over at RBA and I had an exchange, you can get my answers there. Here is his to ours.

The big story with Everton recently is the showdown talks for Moyes with them. Is this finally when Moyes has had enough and looks to try his hand somewhere else, especially a place that doesn't have moths flying out of the wallet?

The fact we were able to spend at least a little money in January should give fans hope that Moyes will stay, but until we get a more viable owner, there will always be concerns about just how long Moyes is willing to stay. There is not doubt he is frustrated, but I think he would have to be offered a job that is an obvious step up from Everton such as a Champions League team, and not an Aston Villa type squad.

How do you think Moyes would do if he had, for example, the Chelsea job (though we realize he'll never get it)?

It really depends on the squad he inherits. A more attacking and flowing squad like Arsenal or Spurs would do him no favors, but a squad such as Manchester United that has the components of a successful defense could work well. Moyes is always defensive minded, sometimes too much so, but with the type of firepower a top club has, he could afford to focus on the defense and let the world-class strikers find a way to score.

A European place isn't totally out of the question for the Toffees. How realistic is that aim?
It is hard to say, with Liverpool already in the Europa League, the lowest Everton could finish in the league to get a berth would be 6th, assuming of course that the FA Cup final consists of 2 teams that already secured European qualification. We are 7 points out of 6th, so while it could happen I would say it is highly unlikely. Our best hope is through the FA Cup, where we are in the quarterfinals, and if we manage to win, would certainly have to like our chances regardless of who the other semifinalists are.

You haven't lost since Jan. 11th. What's been the biggest reason for that streak?
In our victories it is because we are actually working together and playing as a team. Almost all of our victories have come against teams at the top of the table in this span, and each game has required us to go out, defend well, try and nick a goal, and then sit back and defend properly. The draws are another story. Against Wigan, QPR, and Blackburn we were ahead before conceding the equalizer. In these cases we sat back and tried to defend rather than pushing for another goal. It is one thing to defend when the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea are attacking you, but when it is QPR or Wigan a team needs to press forward for the second goal. That is the story of Everton every year though so I shouldn't be too surprised.

As a Yank, it always angers me when Landon Donovan won't stay to try himself out against the best and instead runs home for the comforts of SoCal (though beaches, sun, and that wife probably are a very convincing argument). Do Everton fans get frustrated too?

Everton fans are frustrated Donovan won't stay, but there is not realistic chance of him ever staying unless he can arrive on a free transfer. Before the World Cup, MLS was asking somewhere around 12 million pounds for Donovan. Everton do not have that type of money, especially for a player who is not turning 30. Would it be great to have him permanently? Yes, but all but the most deluded fans know he won't be coming to Merseyside permanently for a while, if at all.

First impressions of Jelavic? Might he solve the revolving door of forwards you seemingly have had for years?
He looked good against Spurs, and at this point he has to be the current solution to our problem. The best part of his goal was that he took an awkward ball and one-touched it into the back of the net. The biggest problem with Saha was his lack of work ethic during some matches, as well as the ability to miss a shot that he should bury. If Jelavic can just work hard and put away the obvious chances he will be a success here. Anything else is just gravy.


I think Everton continues their unbeaten run, but it isn't enough to beat Liverpool. I go with a 0-0 draw that features plenty depressing moments for both teams in terms of shots on goal.