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LFC News 2.9.12

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Morning Scouse Nation! I plan on making this a somewhat regular addition to the site. I cannot make any promises to the frequency of a news round up but I will try every few days to get something up.

Bellers wins second consecutive Player of the Month - LFC official site

Congrats Bellers you deserve it

LFC Ledgend Tommy Smith to auction off medals - Liverpool Echo

Anyone have a little spare cash? Nice collection

Jack Robinson back into action with the reserves - Liverpool Echo

Good to see Jack back from injury.

Kenny: Luis will shake Evra's hand -

Hmmmm....hope these two can play nice on Saturday.

Cleverly likely out for Man U this weekend -

Liverpool slip to ninth in Money League - Liverpool Echo

Inter have knocked LFC out of the 8th spot in the world's richest club list. We NEED Champions League footy!!