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Yep, see ya.
Yep, see ya.

Not a Liverpool story, but a huge story nonetheless. Fabio Capello resigned amid the John Terry silliness today, and it looks like Harry Redknapp is the favorite to take over. Whether that's on a part time basis until the Spurs season is finished or full-time, we'll just have to see.

You can't help but laugh at the FA. This Terry business, much like the Suarez affair, could have been handled months ago. But once again, they dragged their feet, and now are waiting for the actual courts. What silliness. Now they've lost a manager, created a divide in the squad -- there's no way Terry would be a popular man in the dressing room -- and pretty much once again torpedoed their chances in a summer tournament.

England lose here, because Capello is a wonderful manager. Sure, the World Cup was pretty much a disaster, but how many defenders were hurt? And how much talent does he really have to work with, when it gets right down to it? How would any manager do when Wayne Rooney pretty much didn't care?

What gets me is how John Terry managed to be captain when I don't think he even should be an automatic pick for the starting 11. He's nowhere near the player he was five years ago, and it's debatable how good he was then. At the top level, when ball possession means so much, Terry's ICBM launches up the pitch don't do anyone any favors. His lack of pace gets exposed consistently. Cahill, Dawson, King if he could stand up, eventually Smalling and Jones, Jagielka, even Lescott could arguably be picked ahead of him, as well as Rio Ferdinand if his back wasn't made of balsa wood these days. Why did this have to be an issue? He could have been stripped of the captaincy when he didn't make the team, which he very well might not have.

But this is England, where sense never gets to enter.