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Liverpool v Tottenham Player Ratings

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That was not at all what I expected. I never expected Tottenham to be as negative as Harry Redknapp's tax balances, but they were definitely content to sit and absorb pressure. To be fair to them, they did it quite well. They limited Liverpool to a handful of real opportunities and our Reds just couldn't capitalize.

Chalk it up as another draw at home, although this one is not even close to as bad as the others considering the opposition. Either way though, we had a chance to pick up points on Chelski in the race for 4th and we failed. Our chances of making the CL are looking bleaker by the minute. However, there is still a lot of football to play and at least that wasn't a black cat.

Ratings after the poll/jump:


Reina - 8 - Superb job staying big to deny Bale, but let's be honest, Bale should have done much better. Other than that, he had little to do. Commanded his box well.

Johnson - 8 - He was everywhere this game. He supported the attack very well and made sure he got back to defend, all while playing on his unfavored left side. A great outing, especially considering how poor he was the game before this. He did look tired by the end of the game though and started having some poor touches.

Agger - 7- Put an open header wide left, although I think Carroll threw him off his timing. Tried to support the attack and shut down Tottenham inside the box. There isn't much more you can ask for.

Skrtel - 7 - Solid in defense and in the air. Another shutout so it is hard to knock the D right now.

Kelly - 7 - I thought he had a decent display. He again proved that he is very solid cover for Johnson and will likely be playing for England more often in the near future. He made a couple dangerous crosses, but also scuffed a couple too. Did well in defense as well, especially since he was lined up against Bale.

Kuyt - 5 - Not one of his better displays. Let's be honest, we could say he works his ass off after every game, but in this one he seemed very off. He tried hard, but provided very little in the attacking end. He did well to push Bale around in the first half, but definitely needed to be subbed.

Gerrard - 7 - Typical Gerrard display, driving as best he can, but he just couldn't create anything to cut open the Spurs defense no matter how many good passes he made.

Spearing - 6 - As most of you know I love Wee Jay Spearing and I thought he was fantastic in shielding the defense and controlling the midfield. That said, he had one to many misplaced passes, that is why he is a 6. Still though, he is great cover for Lucas and does very well in the role. I would hate to ever lose him.

Adam - 6 - A few decent passes, a few ridiculous passes. I can't fault him, he was trying hard and in reality the long passes were likely the only way this side could breakdown that defense, but he still wasted too many opportunities for my liking.

Bellamy - 6 - He was well taken care of by the Tottenham defense. He also looked a bit more timid than usual. Perhaps this is due to fatigue, but he didn't seem to just want to run at players like he has for the past few games.

Carroll - 6 - He worked very hard. This is some of the best hustle I have seen from him. At one point I thought someone had let another animal on the pitch, this time a pony, as he came sprinting back to defend. However, he wasted a few decent chances and really could have and should have put this game away.


Downing - 5 - Provided a bit more threat down that wing and made a couple nice moves sometimes followed by a poor touch. I just want to see him start on the left, with Bellamy and Suarez up top. Is that too much to ask for?

Suarez - 6 - Should have scored, nearly got sent off. I don't know what he was thinking on the play with Parker, but that was a dumb risk to take. I don't necessarily think he meant it, but a worse ref might have sent him off for it. He did win a number of corners and provided some desperately needed creativity.