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Liverpool v Brighton Player Ratings

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Sorry, I'm a day late on this. So a good victory, with own goal stealing the show. To be fair, I feel for the poor Brighton player who had a brace. Not much he could do on either occasion. This is a game that I have been waiting to see for along time. This has to be a springboard to better results and hopefully it will grow the confidence in the players to finish for a change.

So now it is on to Stoke. This should be an even rougher challenge physically as it always is by the tracksuited man's men. At least it is at home and should be a good tie that is very winnable. Savor this, and pray it continues.

The ratings after the jump:


Reina - 7 - Was in control when called upon and he was let down by his wall for the first goal. I am sure glad we have a keeper who is capable of actually catching a cross. I know Brighton aren't loaded, but surely they can afford a better keeper than that. Hell, I'll come play for much cheaper.

Johnson - 7 - Not really tested in the defensive half, but added good spark going forward. His header was responsible for the first OG.

Carra - 6 - Not much to do, but slotted in nicely. It was nice to see him yelling at everyone again. It felt like old times.

Skrtel - 8 - He was immense. In addition to the first goal, he commanded the box and won most of the aerial duels.

Enrique - 7 - Did well getting forward and provided a ton of width. It was nice to see his partnership with Downing back to early season form. As usual, very solid in defense.

Downing - 8 - Who was that man and what did he do with the real Stewie D.? He had one of his best games in a Liverpool shirt. His touch was fantastic, he took players on and was a real threat. I eralize it was against lesser opposition, but we desperately need more of this Downing.

Adam - 8 - He was fantastic at pulling the strings a linking up play. He routinely was linking up and starting the counter. A really good game for Adam.

Gerrard - 8 - An assist on the first goal, scored a goal (well it should be his goal) and he really influenced the pitch even while playing in his less prefered deeper role. He managed to spring forward while still maintaining his defensive responsibilities.

Henderson - 6 - A typical performance. His passing was good, but overall he was quiet. He did hustle a lot though.

Carroll - 8 - I haven't seen a mugging like he got that since I was in New York City last, it was ridiculous. I thought for sure at some point he would have gotten a penalty for it, but Mariner didn't have the cajones. He fought through all that and hustled for most of the game. Took his goal nicely and produced a nice assist to Suarez, it was a move that I think everyone envisioned when he signed. However, he has to get better direction on his headers (specifically keeping them down) and I am still not thrilled with his stagnant reactionary approach to player striker.

Suarez - 8 - Come on man. Another missed penalty!? This is getting ridiculous. He was a constant threat and really could have had more. He took his header well even though it was harder to miss than score at that point. He also had that cheeky pull down on the first own goal with a shot that had to be cleared off the line.


Kuyt - 7 - Not a lot of time, but won a penalty.

Shelvey - N/A - Not enough time.

Maxi -N/A - Failed to impress in his short time.