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Throw-up bag anyone?
Throw-up bag anyone?

What more could a Liverpool fan hope for? After struggling against United last week both on the pitch and off, the footy gods have forgiven Liverpool and struck Arsenal and Chelsea with lightning. Even stable Tottenham disappointingly drew at Stevenage. And how about the game against Brighton? That looked more like a circus than a soccer match. Never seen someone juggle into his own net. Yikes!

As the race for fourth switches from lukewarm to boiling hot, Liverpool stand a mere four points off the jackpot and are shaping up to have a good shot at the cup double. Let's hope that this last game will inspire the shots to start finding their way into the net and that the defense doesn't start giving away the sloppy goals that have popped up too often the last few seasons.

But this post isn't your game wrap and instead a chance to poke fun at the other club's problems. How about we discuss Chelsea? Their collapse has been slow and simmering but took a nose dive towards rock bottom on Saturday when they were booed off the Bridge after a dismal 1-1 draw against Championship side Birmingham. AVB has been on the hot seat since day one but was sitting pretty up 3-0 against United last week. That is at least until the chair was pulled from underneath and Chicharito headed in for a hardly deserved draw.

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Chelsea's locker room is an absolute mess-understandably the case with the collection of toxic characters assembled. First you have John Terry who has been charged with racism allegations leading to his English captaincy being lifted and Fabio Capello's resignation. Then comes "Cashley Cole" who left his hometown team selfishly for wages and had a divorce after strong allegations of adultery. Daniel Sturridge is too arrogant and Fernando Torres is Fernando Torres. With these personalities amongst others in a locker room, Andre Villas-Boas (who is only 34) has not only lost control of some players, but also of the fans who recently have chanted "Mourinho," the old boss who is widely considered the best in the business.

Although their Premiership campaign is not a true disaster, Chelsea cannot afford to slip up. They still have games against Newcastle, Tottenham, Arsenal, and Manchester City so the schedule is by no means a stroll in the park. If Liverpool can consistently get all three points at home to close the year, a last day finish with Chelsea is by no means a stretch.

I'll probably come out with a similar story on the demise of Wenger Army shortly. Until then, enjoy the euphoria leading up to a cup final and don't forget to check out!/AnfieldAsylum.