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Will he be wearing Red, White, or Blue next year?
Will he be wearing Red, White, or Blue next year?

Over the past couple of years, Tottenham has refused to be bullied by the traditional top clubs and now find themselves with a team fully capable of filling the trophy case. Of course, they don't have the money of Chelsea or Manchester City which means they'll have to spend wisely and contend sooner rather than later.

Buy: Tottenham are blessed with a midfield that can consistently cut teams to shreds at will, but most of those great midfielders specialize in attack which can leave the team bare on the counter-attack. It wouldn't be necessary but might be helpful to sign a cheap defensive midfielder to hold down the fort and add some depth to a Champions League bound squad. Most of all, Tottenham must fill the void that will be left by Emmanuel Adebayor and his 10 goals at the striker position. Jermaine Defoe will not be the answer due to injury concerns and his one-dimensional style of play. Yes he has pace and finishing, but his lack of any real aerial ability doesn't coincide well with the crossing skills of players like Gareth Bale. Defoe is a player that adds depth and is great coming off the bench, so he will probably be kept around. I see Tottenham getting a striker who is efficient and gets the job done week in and week out. Some names that they have been recently linked to are Leandro Damiao from Internacional and Loic Remy from Marseille. I don't see Eden Hazard making a move to White Hart Lane because the winger position really isn't a pressing need for the Spurs. Also look for Tottenham to try and sign a young goalkeeper as the heir to Brad Friedel (who we've learned has a job waiting for him as a cat herder).

Sell: This section is filled with uncertainty. Surely a Harry Redknapp departure would push Tottenham's stars toward an exit. Will the funds dry up? I think that the beginning of the window will be a huge indicator of things to come. If Tottenham comes out swinging for the fences by signing a new expensive toy, there is no way that Bale or Modric would have any fantasies of moving on to another club. That said, if Real Madrid put up a bid of 60-70 million for Bale, it's game over and Bale's gone. The same thing goes for Modric to Chelsea or Man U. Roman Pavlyuchenko seems to be on his way out as he's been lost in the shuffle.

Other Notes: When was the last time Steven Gerrard scored on one of his patented long range firecrackers?

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