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Summer Needs: Manchester Edition

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A spoiled man.
A spoiled man.

This is an outlook on the needs of the Manchester clubs as well as some players that may be offloaded. Obviously, this just an initial view of the transfer scene and interesting twists and turns are sure to come. This segment will cover anywhere from the top seven teams to all twenty depending on what you guys think.

Manchester City

Buy: No matter how much a club pumps into the transfer market, there is always the greed for more. City have spent hundreds of millions in the past few years but if they don't win a title it will all be a waste. Look for the ownership to try and capture another world-class defender to pair up with Vincent Company in order to shore up the back line. Another thing that a team can't have enough of is pace and skill. Young barn burners like Eden Hazard, Theo Walcott, and maybe even Angel Di Maria are sure to catch the eye of Roberto Mancini.

Sell: City have a ton of excess players that don't get enough play time. In order to free up some more cash to fund further spending, look for City to unload some older baggage and some spare parts. Some names that come to mind are Nigel De Jong, Carlos Tevez, Emmanuel Adebayor, and Mario Ballotelli. Adam Johnson may also be searching for greener grass as I think he is a very bright player with a huge upside. The Tevez saga rumbles on and the the latest news is that he may indeed wear the sky blue jersey again soon (see fanshot), but at the end of the day there is no way that Mancini would allow his fiercest opposition to stick around-even if it requires a reduced price tag. Although Emanuel Adebayor has been great for Tottenham, City already have a plethora of strikers and will appreciate a juicy cash-in for the Togo international. In the Ballotelli scenario, I feel that it will be a matter of picking out one of the thorns stopping City from gelling together nicely. All of Italy would surely be in a hubbub (actually a word) if he were to be shopped in the transfer market.

Manchester United:

Buy: Unfortunately, United seem to be the real deal for years to come. A recent youth movement coupled with the maturation of Nani and Valencia has United feeling pretty good right now. The one piece that could boost them to possibly best in the world would be the signing of a game changing central midfielder in the mold of a Wesley Sneijder or a Luka Modric.

Sell: Dimitar Berbatov will surely be shown the door but beyond that there is only vague speculation that can be made. Evra is getting up there in years and with the muppet twins seeing more and more action, the time may be right to sell. I imagine Evra ending up at a club like PSG to finish his career smoothly. Let's all pray that Wayne Rooney has a fallout with Sir Alex Ferguson and he's shipped far far away.

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