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The A's from our Q&A with The Busby Babe

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So as most of you know we did a Q&A with the Man U SB Nation site The Busby Babe. I took the questions you posted and sent them to one of their authors, Rory (aka Sweet Science), and he was kind enough to provide us with answers. I did the same for them so feel free to check out my answers to their questions. Here are the questions that were submitted and the responses:

AA: How do you feel about your backline without Vidic against Suarez and/or Carroll? How much has it changed since he was injured?
TBB: Well, Vidic is going to be a massive loss to any team in the world. But Evans has performed very well all year in his absence. It doesn't help that Rio can't decide if he is fit or not, as our backline is constantly changing, which also has a knock on effect with De Gea, as it can't help him if his two CB's are always different. Smalling will be a brilliant defender, but with Evans and Smalling, that is two fairly inexperienced guys, so yeah I am a little worried. And if Rio plays, his lack of pace now might give Suarez some openings. Torres gave us fits all afternoon on Sunday.

As for if I'm worried about Carroll..... Pfffft :)

AA: Will Evra play? Not because of the incident, but because of his poor run of form. Do you think this is a legitimate slump or a bad few games? Would Fergie rest him?
TBB: Evra has not had a great season, but against Chelsea, he was awful. Really. Just plain awful. All three goals could have been argued to be his fault. I doubt Fergie drops him though. Fabio is so inexperienced (Despite playing in the CL final last year) and I don't know if Fergie trusts him just yet

AA: Regarding Cleverley, Man United have had a lot of kids come through who were bantied as the next big thing, and then eventually all of them were shipped off into the wilderness. Is Cleverley going to be different?
TBB: Absolutley. This lad is the real deal. Look for him and Wilshire to be at the heart of Englands midfield for years to come. Cleverley made us tick when we looked bang on the money at the start of the season. His absence has coincided with our less than spectacular performances (Who said 6-1)

AA: Is there a general nervousness in the MUFC camp due to deGea's gaffes in goal? I believe that they spent over 20M on him in the transfer market and he is struggling. Granted he has moments of brilliance but commanding the box is not his specialty. In fact, Roger Bennett of Men in Blazers recently poked fun at deGea getting in Andy Carroll's face in our last meeting by imagining the argument they must have been having, "No you're a bigger bust!" "No, you're the bigger bust!"
TBB: Hahaha. I am nervous. Others aren't. No doubt he will be a fantastic keeper, but that is five years from now IMO. He will have fantastic days, like Sunday (That save from Mata's FK was save of the season in my book) but he will also have average days. Man needs to hit the gym too, he is very slight.

AA: Since we are on the subject, what are your thoughts on Lindegaard's performances and where he stands in the club? Is he too old to be considered the permanent choice going forward?
TBB: I think when fit he has to be considered the number one. De Gea's progression will.......challenge him in later years, but I can't see us buying another keeper for the first team, unless one of them gets severely injured.
He's done well in my opinion, he has looked solid (At least one of our keepers has....)

AA: What young players to you see stepping up in the near future to the first team if any?
TBB: Paul Pogba came on against Stoke for the last 20 minutes and dominated. He looked a real prospect. A physical beast with great passing ability. We have Ezekial (Zekki) Fryers who is a defender. Made some good performances in the Carling Cup. Both of those need to get their contracts sorted though
Others yet to break through are Will Keane, who is said to be a finisher in the mould of R V Nistlerooy (Ruuuuuuuuuuuuud) We have just nabbed a defender (Freddie Veseli, I think) from City, who captained the Swiss to under 19 world cup.

AA: The best question for last: How old does a Man U player have to be to get a "y" at the end of their name like Giggsy, Scholesy or Cleverley? When will we see Smallingy? What's that? You say his last name isn't Cleverle? Oh. Well what about the others?
TBB: lol. I'm waiting for David De Hairy..... What kind of questions is that? :) Bromantic, ban that man.......