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Your MoM Tactical Analysis

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Who's that puss on the pitch?  No, not you Gareth.
Who's that puss on the pitch? No, not you Gareth.

So as most of you have seen, we are now doing a tactical analysis of the player voted Man of the Match after each game (time permitting). This week, it was none other than the Anfield Pussy. This cat was truly amazing. I thought for a minute as she ran towards Friedel's goal that the cat might have a pair of handcuffs hidden somewhere on her body and was perhaps going to attach herself (I am assuming gender) to the goal post as a part of some PETA protest against leather footballs.

Luckily, she just wanted to go streaking, and streaking she went. Starting at one end of the pitch and bringing the match to a standstill, she got more than her 15 minutes of fame. In addition to her lightening fast speed, in which she evaded capture for nearly a minute, she melted the hearts of Kopites and Spurs fans alike. Some might be jealous that a human pulling the same prank may have been tazed and beaten, but such is life. More on the cat after the jump.

However, the cat wasn't done. Once she succumbed to the charm of a lovable steward, she was whisked away to the Anfield computer room where she quickly did what all newcomers to fame do, set up a twitter account, @AnfieldCat. Today the cat has made clear that she is not responsible for the scars on Carlos Tevez's neck. In addition, the Anfield Cat now has a song as well.

So here's to you Anfield Cat, Andy Carroll is quite jealous that it only took you 30 seconds to win the Kop's hearts while he still waits. Click here for a video recap of the pitch invasion.