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Liverpool v Wolves Player Ratings

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Finally! It feels like forever since Liverpool have had a comfortable win in the Premiership. This was a much needed thumping and it was done without Gerrard. This is exactly the performance Liverpool needed to show that they are gaining confidence and form. In addition, it was nice not to see a huge let down after the two huge wins last week.

This is a great game to move forward from and continue this fantastic run of form.

The ratings as I saw them:


Reina - 6 - Nothing to do all game, except watch one unreal shot bounce off his post.

Johnson - 5 - Very very shaky game from him. He looked tired and just out of it. He owes Spearing a beer for covering his ass a number of times.

Enrique - 8 - He was fantastic. His defending was superb and he set up Kuyt's goal with a beautiful cross field pass after winning the ball in Liverpool's half. I am always amazed at how well he uses his body to defend. He was unbelievable today.

Agger - 6 - Not a ton to do, especially in the second. A few shaky moments in the first half where they were cut open.

Skrtel - 6 - Same as Agger

Kuyt - 7 - Scored after a beautiful one-two with Adam and worked hard all game long. Congrats Dirk on your 50th goal in the EPL.

Spearing - 7 - He was outstanding. He provided good cover for the defense and helped to keep them bored. In addition, he was very good at covering for Johnson, who had a very off game. This was another solid game, and while he may not be Lucas, he is solid cover.

Adam - 8 - He had a great game. In fact, so great that I don't remember any ridiculous fouls that he gave away (feel free to correct that). He should have had a penalty on a great run down the middle and his passing was Xabi-esque. Great cross for Carroll's goal and worked the one-two for Kuyt's.

Henderson - 7 - A seven might be a bit generous, but he was very industrious all game long. He produced a couple of superb passes. Through balls seem to be one of his strengths. As I've said a number of times, the thing I like is I am seeing constant improvement with every performance and he is still very young.

Bellamy - 8 - He would get my vote for MoM. He just ran his ass off and was pulling most of the strings from midfield. His goal was a fortunate, but he created that goal with movement and skill to open up space. He is beginning to rival Enrique for "buy of the season" title.

Carroll - 8 - The moment you guys have been waiting for. I'm sure there are some people doing the double take right now. So for the people wondering what I expect of Carroll, may I present Exhibit A - yesterday's game. He did everything that could be asked of him. He hustled instead of his usual lumbering lollop, he won the aerial battles, he set up teammates and even held up the ball a couple of times. Oh, and he scored too. It was a great run and a well taken goal. He still has some stuff to work on as I think he is still to stagnant in the box a a number of his touches always seem to bounce up instead of staying on the ground, but this might be his turning point. At least I hope it is. Well done.


Jonjo - NA - Not really enough time. Showed some hustle, made one bad decision where he should have played Bellamy it, but not enough time to grade him.

Carragher - NA - Really had nothing to do. I remember one clearance from inside the box, that's about it.

Aurelio - 10 - He gets a ten for being fit. Holy crap, Aurelio sightings are more rare than Bigfoot sightings.