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Let's Not Start Over: Liverpool v Fulham

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Liverpool look to start another streak that won't happen.

Jamie McDonald

The worst thing about a loss like last week's, or at least one of them, is that you now know it all has to start over for a winning streak that Liverpool require to give the season real hope and verve. Maybe the best policy is to give up on that idea entirely and just take each match on its own, with no meaning carrying over to the next or from the last. So tomorrow Liverpool aren't trying to recover from a horrible home loss or trying to build through the month. They're just playing Fulham.

It'll be interesting to see what changes Rodgers makes after such a limp performance. Enrique probably returns from injury so he'll be in. The rest of the defense will probably be the same, as wonky as they've been the past two matches.

It's in midfield that we'll see if Rodgers is ready to put his stamp on things. While Lucas needs the match to further his recovery, everyone could see that Joe Allen and Steven Gerrard were not up to the pace. Both are in need of at least a rest, but there's no way in hell Rodgers will sit both, or likely either. If there's any change it'll be Shelvey or Henderson in for Allen, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

The front-line also has some questions. Raheem Sterling is also badly in need of a breather, but does Rodgers trust any one else to help the attack? I'd like to see Suso get another chance, but are you banking on that? Assaidi is struggling for fitness, and Joe Cole went back to being Joe Cole last week. If it's based on last week, Stewart Downing may actually get a start in his preferred role, hopefully with Suso. Possibly Shelvey could still fill in up there.

Fulham sit right behind Liverpool, with two less points. It hasn't been all that exciting of a season for them, either. They're coming off donating QPR their first win of the season, which wouldn't exactly build confidence. There are some threats here, though they mostly come in the shape of Dimitar Berbatov. He still scares me. Yes, he's a penis. Yes, he can disappear for games on end. But that first touch. Oh my god, that first touch. When he wants to, he can still be devastating. Hugo Rodallega has provided his problems in the past when he was with Wigan as well.

Fulham are kind of goofy. They've shot it out with Arsenal and held Chelsea to a scoreless draw, but also lost to Sunderland at home and the aforementioned loss to QPR. Hughes and Hangeland can be imposing defensively, but their mobility issues would lead one to believe the movement of Liverpool'a attackers should provide headaches. Steve Sidwell needs a cane to hold things down in midfield. There should be space for Liverpool.

But there's always space for Liverpool. It rarely matters. This time, we won't take the performance or result as meaning. It's just another chapter in a club in transition and trying to find itself. Maybe that will help us enjoy the occasion more.

It's on TV live on FSC. This is your thread. Do it.