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Liverpool Player Ratings v Anzhi (or Anji)

Youth (+Carragher) couldn't pull it out against quality and experience. Shocked? Can you tell where Rodgers' thoughts are at?


Jones - 6 - A six, only because of the fine strong reaction save he made in the second half. However, once again I am going to complain about his aggressiveness. Carragher was covering on the goal. If he stays in net, there is a good chance Carra puts Traore under enough pressure to put him off. Very, very poor decision and it makes playing defense difficult when you don't know what to expect with your keeper.

Wisdom - 7 - A very good performance, aside from getting his pocket picked once in the first half. Covered well for Flanno allowing him to get forward more often.

Coates - 5 - Feast or famine. He had a number of fine tackles and challenges, and a number of dreadful ones. The flick from Traore would have wrong-footed most defenders. He did allow Traore to get behind him a number of times, but that was also when Liverpool were pressing for an equalizer. Contrary to what the American commentary team during the game kept stating, he wasn't abysmal.

Carragher - 5 - Looked lost at times. Also is just clearly getting old. Tell me you didn't cover your eyes when you saw him bombing forward in the second half and I'll call you a liar.

Flanagan - 7 - A very good game. He was the beneficiary of some good cover from Wisdom, but he quietly got forward quite well and did a lot to support the attacking game.

Coady - 6 - Unlucky to have to be withdrawn. First five minutes it looked like his nerves were going to get the better of him, but he quickly settled in with a tidy display. Considering it was his first start with the first team he did quite well.

Henderson - 5 - He worked very hard to push the team forward, but in the end his lack of quality was glaring. No move summed this up more than when he elected to cut the ball back across goal when clear in 1v1 with the keeper. He clearly has no confidence. His passing game also appears to lack confidence.

Shelvey - 6 - Got his token rash challenge in. Wasteful at times and for me was playing too much side to side rather than playing more direct. It looked a number of times as if he hadn't played with these players before.....

Downing - 6 - Struggled to impose himself on the offensive part of the game. Put in a number of decent crosses, but these are always useless with Liverpool as no one ever gets in the box to attack them. Tracked back well a couple times, but really was on the periphery most of the game.

Cole - 6 - Not a bad performance. He was bouncing all over the pitch trying so hard to make something happen. However, the service just wasn't there and neither was his control. I don't see how he will get his career back at this point and I have no idea what I am going to do with my Cole jersey (Don't laugh, it's not funny. Those things are expensive).

Morgan - 6 - Works hard, so hard every chance he gets. However, I just don't see the talent there to make the breakthrough. His clinicality needs more work as does some of his decision making.


Suso - 6 - Injected a little spark into the offense albeit at the expense of defense. Made one brilliant run shortly after coming on, but just held onto the ball too long.

Pacheco - 5 - I keep waiting for him to break through, but it just isn't going to happen. Poor touches, caught in possession entirely too often.

Assaidi - 6 - Looked decent for the short time he was on the pitch.