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Liverpool Player Ratings v Spurs

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Another match, another disappointment not just with the finishing, but the refereeing as well. So, is there anyone out there who still doesn't understand why I don't like Clint Dempsey and don't rate him at all? Also, for those of you keeping track at home, that is now Liverpool's 26th consecutive match without being given a penalty in all competitions according to @OptaLiverpool.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Julian Finney

Before we start, if you thought Dempsey's dive against Liverpool was bad, you should check out this beauty he had while playing for the US against Guatemala.


Reina - 6 - Wrong footed on the goal, but when you are heading hard to the right, and it takes a deflection off of someone's head and sends it to the left, there is pretty much absolutely nothing you can do about it. Not at fault for the first goal either. Really didn't have a ton to do all game apart from picking the ball out of the back of the net.

Downing - 4 - Let's just get this one out of the way. He was horrible. Was caught sleeping comatose on the first goal. Struggled defensively and rarely made forward runs. He had one good cross right before halftime, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Poor.

Skrtel - 6 - Nearly let Defoe in on net with a poor touch. Other than that, he did well all game to keep Defoe very quiet and Dempsey as well.

Agger - 7 - Looked solid as ever at the back, and proved to be real dangerous up front. His overhead pass to Suarez was fantastic. It is just a shame it wasn't converted.

Johnson - 6 - Quite an up and down affair for Johnson, he shares some blame for the first goal. He did press forward in the second well, but then his touch let him down routinely, none worse than two minutes into stoppage time with Liverpool pressing, he failed to control the simplest of passes to his feet. Not his best game.

Sterling - 5 - Poor all game. Sure, he had one or two decent moves or runs, but overall his touch was off and he failed to use his pace effectively. Also conceded a number of fouls, I have no idea how he escaped without a yellow. It didn't help that Johnson's support was sometimes lacking when Sterling found himself against two defenders near the corner.

Allen - 6 - He was pretty much completely bypassed in the first part of the match. He did better in the second, but still failed to really play the pivotman role that he had been doing so well at earlier. Conceded a few fouls in dangerous situations as well.

Gerrard - 6 - Again, a bit sloppy in possession, especially in the first half. It was his giveaway that lead to Spurs first goal. He looked much better towards the latter stages of the first when he was playing much higher up the pitch. Let's hope when Lucas comes back, this is where he will play. Probably should have been awarded a penalty.

Enrique - 8 - A constant menace. He pressed hard in the first half which created a couple of chances. Had a couple of decent shots as well including his volley that went just wide and his quick shot on the turn in the first. Either side of Lloris and that one was in. Another really good performance, Rodgers appears to have figured out how to get the best of him, not let's just hope he is paired with Johnson next game.

Henderson - 3 - Just poor. His thought processes seem to be about 3 seconds behind the rest of the team. His passing was poor and he really should have done better with the empty net, even with a challenge coming sliding in.

Suarez - 8 - Always dangerous, always willing. Almost scored in the melee following Gerrard's penalty claim. Also should have been awarded a penalty. Ever dangerous he really kept Spurs pinned back and made Gallas look like the old man that he is.


Shelvey - 6 - Desperately needed sub, he provided a bit more quality in the center of the pitch. It was his corner which lead the the comedy of Liverpool's goal.

Assaidi - N/A - Not a lot of time, but didn't really make an impact. Completely whiffed on a pass too.