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Liverpool Player Ratings v Swansea

A boring match deserves some boring ratings.

Stu Forster


Reina - 7 - He looked much more commanding today than he has for pretty much the past year. He put his body on the line and took a foot to the face, but took care of the situation in the process.

Downing - 5 - Eh, nothing good, only one bad moment where he was beaten down the wing which led to the aforementioned foot to Reina's face. Crossing was poor overall and he doesn't work as well with Enrique as Johnson does.

Skrtel - 7 - Commanding display again, dealt with pretty much everything thrown his way.

Agger - 7 - Same as Skrtel, they really kept Swansea's decent chances to a minimum and most of them long range efforts.

Johnson - 8 - Very good game. He was dangerous in attack and defended well. Occasionally tried one too many touches which squandered decent attacking opportunities, but he was all over the pitch trying to make something happen.

Enrique - 8 - Unlucky to have his goal chalked off. He was offside, but not my more than an inch. He was a willing runner whose movement gave the Swansea back line trouble all game.

Allen - 6 - Overall he was fairly unimpressive and the game largely passed him by. However, he did have a couple of key tackles/interceptions toward the end of the game. That said, he also had a couple of very careless challenges that gave Swansea free kicks in dangerous positions.

Henderson - 5 - Did he play? He really failed to get into the game which shows in the stats where he had only 50 touches, the lowest of any starting player.

Sterling - 6 - Hit the woodwork with a thunderous strike, but overall had a sloppy game. His possession was generally poor and so was his finishing. He also seemed reluctant to run at defenders. His game was best summed up in the poor return pass to Suarez during the 2 on 1 break.

Gerrard - 5 - Only one good trademark through ball that I can remember. Otherwise it seemed that he was content to play a lot of long balls, completely bypassing Henderson. Make of that what you will. Nearly lost Liverpool three points with a very ill-advised heel pass which was pounced on.

Suarez - 6 - Completely lacked service. Perhaps should have done better with the break he had late on with Sterling. However, he was still a little off. He was dangerous, but never overly threatening like usual. Great ball played in for Enrique even though the goal was taken away. It says a lot when his first nutmeg didn't happen until the 90th minute.


Cole - 6 - A little late to make much of an impact, but he did put in one really nice cross to Agger at the end.

Shelvey - 6 - Better than Henderson, but like Cole had little time to make a true impact on the game. He did force a good save with a blistering shot nearpost.