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The Pivot: Swansea v. Liverpool

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Liverpool try to put Thursday's setback behind them.

Just some quick thoughts on Thursday's draw with Young Boys and then pivot to tomorrow's match in Wales

-What was so disappointing about kicking away two leads on Thursday is that the players who let Liverpool down are the ones who are counted on not to do so. Luis Suarez says can't be taking on four players late in the game with the lead. Not when possession is paramount. Steven Gerrard can't get caught that far upfield. Jamie Carragher....can't have something resembling a seizure when trying to defend. Hey, I'll live with Jordan Henderson getting caught under the ball leading to the first Young Boys goal, it's not a position he's used to being in. But Liverpool's veterans have to be smarter than that.

-Still, some good things. Suso bounced back by dictating things from the central role he prefers. Appears hard to shake that kid's confidence.

-Could have been quite the story for Joe Cole. Oh well.

-Rodgers might want that Sterling substitution back. Bring on Allen instead, have someone there to somewhat stop the flood of a counter attack. But Rodgers's pattern has been to be aggressive with his choices. We saw it against West Brom, we've seen it against United, against Wigan. There are just going to be times it costs Liverpool. We are just going to have to hope that they are few and far between when the squad improves.

Right, looking ahead instead of pushing forward back. Isn't this dripping with storylines? Rodgers returning to Swansea and another link-up of Ashley Williams and El Pistolero after the Welsh defender gave him both barrels in his book. Because as we've learned, it's a good idea to poke Suarez. Right, David Moyes? I fully expect to see a goal from #7, and that would be even if he wasn't in such form.

This probably isn't the time to be visiting Wales. That League Cup win sparked the Swans into something of a roll, gaining a draw with Chelsea and a win over Newcastle at St. James. And Michu scored in the last match after a drought, which is all Liverpool need.

If Wisdom is fit he'll probably start again, otherwise Johnson will flip over to his natural side with Enrique shifting back from attack to his natural position. This would probably cause Suso to get a start along with Suarez and Sterling. The only other question is who will combine with Gerrard and Allen (though I wouldn't be totally surprised if Gerrard is rested for Spurs after an hour on Thursday. Sahin and Shelvey seem to combine better without him as is). Sahin got the start Thursday, but so did Henderson and Shelvey, so it won't be based on who's fresh. Rodgers has leaned toward Sahin, but he has yet to impress in the league really. Henderson has had two good matches in a row, and might fit better on an occasion where Liverpool want to press more. Which you think they would to keep the ball away from Swansea's potent attack.

A win would see Liverpool jump to 8th, for however briefly until the other Sunday matches finish. It would have them two behind Arsenal and three behind Everton, and possibly ahead of Spurs before the trip there. It would also be an impressive win away from home. Has there been one yet? Yep, time for one.

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