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Liverpool Player Ratings v Young Boys

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A 2-2 draw, that is what £36m in outside fullbacks buys you.

At least he earned his wages in this game.
At least he earned his wages in this game.
Chris Brunskill


Reina - 6 - First goal was a fantastic strike and would have required an unbelievable save. Second goal, well it just squeaked between Carragher and Skrtel and judging by Reina's reaction he saw it quite late. Still, it likely should have been tipped over, even if it was a screamer.

Wisdom - 6 - Got caught napping on the opening kickoff. Other than that he didn't do anything wrong. He didn't exactly have a lot of time to screw up either. I hope his injury isn't serious.

Skrtel - 7 - Worked hard to keep most of Young Boys' chances taken outside the box. Was strong in the air, and as usual, a little too strong a couple of times towards midfield. He really needs to stop conceding those stupid fouls.

Carragher - 7 - A much improved game. It actually says a lot that he and Skrtel played so well without a real holding midfielder sitting in front of them. It shows in the stats, 65% of Young Boys shots were taken outside the penalty box, none were taken inside the six yard box.

Downing - 6 - Not what I thought he would be. He rarely got forward to support the attack. Something I thought for sure that he would be doing playing in a LB role. Defended well enough so I suppose in that sense he did his job.

Henderson - 6 - Pushed back to the RB role, failed to live up to his last performance at RB. It wasn't awful. I give him a pass on the goal. While he was initially caught out, he got back in position and it took a perfect shot to make something out of nothing.

Sahin - 5 - Just not good overall. A few good touches here and there, but he was not influential at all playing a holding mid type position. The is definitely not a strong position for him and it stifles his creativity. His day was summed up in the tackle that earned him a yellow.

Assaidi - 5 - Routinely seemed to dribble himself into a corner. Occasionally he worked himself out of it and created a decent chance, but overall his play down the wing left a little to be desired. In fairness to him, he had little support from Downing, but overall he was ineffective.

Suso - 7 - Some very good movement and link up play. He worked hard and had a key role in the opening goal. Not afraid to shoot either, I'm ok with that. Sometimes it feels as if Liverpool are too concerned with passing near the box rather than having a go.

Cole - 8 - He worked hard all game long. His movement was terrific (when it wasn't offside) and his goal was well deserved. Well worked for his goal though and the goal he set up (although I think his assist was a shot as he never picked his head up after he was played through). However, he wasted a number of clear chances that could have put this game to rest. His finishing left much to be desired so I should knock him down a point, but a goal and an assist is hard to argue with.

Shelvey - 8 - Worked his tail off all game long and was far and away Liverpool's most influential player. Did well to crash the net and get his head on Cole's cross. Had a number of nice flicks, touches a passes, many of which lead to scoring opportunities.


Gerrard - 7 - Played a huge role in the second goal. Also served as a calming presence in the midfield. Took control of the game in typical Stevie fashion.

Sterling - 6 - Failed to get involved for the most part. He should have given Liverpool some decent width and given the Young Boys' LB fits, but he seemed reluctant to run at him.

Suarez - 7 - His movement was fantastic and he opened up a lot of space for other players. Had a couple of chances and won a number of corners.