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Liverpool Player Ratings v Wigan

A good results for the team, let's take a quick look at each of the individuals.

Evidently Enrique shaved his head for aerodynamic purposes.
Evidently Enrique shaved his head for aerodynamic purposes.
Chris Brunskill


Reina - 7 - Aside from a few punches, he had very little to do. Showed off his good foot skills again, even though my nerves still haven't recovered from it.

Johnson - 7 - A very good game working with Enrique. Interchanged very well with him and supported the attack. Wasn't caught out either.

Agger - 7 - A very good game, most of it spent at left back while Johnson bombed forward. He did very well to thwart any quick counters down that wing.

Skrtel - 8 - He had an immense game. I can't even recall the number of crosses he headed out of the area. No really, I'm not that smart, I can't count past ten with my shoes on. He was as solid as the Great Wall and a big reason Reina had nothing to do.

Wisdom - 8 - Very quietly, Wisdom had a fantastic game. He completely shutdown the right side of the field and did well to provide width for the attack. He didn't get as far forward as Johnson, but I am ok with that. Maybe in time, for now he is doing quite well playing simple.

Sterling - 7 - Very involved in the attack in the second half, playing a huge part in the first and third goals. He and Suarez were definitely clicking. His effort to win the ball for Suarez's first goal was superb as was the pass to pick Suarez out. Also did well to blast the shot in on net, the rebound falling to Enrique.

Gerrard - 6 - A bit subdued, which unfortunately seems to have become the norm. He did what he had to do and won the balls in the midfield, but really contributed little apart from one run into the box later in the second half.

Allen - 6 - This game was all about the flanks and for the most part, the game passed him by. He did well in his role shielding the defense, but he wasn't as influential. He was a bit more physical this game and he has the stitches to prove it.

Enrique - 9 - What a game. He is flourishing in this role with Johnson. It is great for both of them as they are both capable defenders who cover for one another as the other bombs forward. His afterburners were particularly impressive. I never thought of him as quick, but there was one point in the first half when he nearly won a ball in the corner when the defender had a two yard start on him. Great movement, heads up passing, especially on the beautifully weighted ball for Suarez's second. Great game to get his first goal.

Suso - 6 - He really did nothing wrong in his short time on the pitch. Was sacrificed for tactical reasons. He had a couple of decent runs and one fantastic shot that Al-Habsi barely fought off.

Suarez - 9 - Another day, another two goals. He was a constant threat despite the fact that his nutmegs were a little off today. Took the first one beautifully and the second was a great movement coupled with tremendous patience to stay onside until the ball was played. The finish wasn't too bad either. He is absolutely on fire right now; if he wasn't we'd be talking about relegation.


Henderson - 7 - He worked tirelessly under the radar. At one point, he repelled the Wigan counterattack single handed. Nearly scored with a nice shot as well that went just wide. Good industrious game where he didn't put a foot wrong. Reminds me of that game where he played right back.

Shelvey - N/A - Late cameo, didn't pick up a booking. I suppose for him that should earn him at least a 6.

Carra - N/A - Little time. Just padding the appearance stats.