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Liverpool Player Ratings v Chelsea

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A look at the Liverpool player's performances in their 1-1 draw with Chelsea.

What was Kick it Out was thinking when this happened?
What was Kick it Out was thinking when this happened?
Clive Rose


Jones - 7 - Not much he could do about the goal. Otherwise he quietly had a very good game with a couple of solid saves.

Agger - 6 - Was unable to stay with Terry for the opener. However, aside from that he did well, especially when Liverpool switched back to the 4-3-3.

Carragher - 6 - Only a 6 because of his flick for the assist. Otherwise he looked, like he has for a while now, past his prime. He had a number of poor challenges that allowed Chelsea's attack to get in behind him in the first half. Also was more comfortable with the 4-3-3. Great assist for the goal though.

Wisdom - 6 - He is young still, but he has definitely had better games. Really struggled for pace in the second half. First half performance was much better where he pretty much shut down his side of the field (aside from that unbelievably weak header back to Jones).

Johnson - 6 - Got forward, but didn't do a whole lot with it. Put Wisdom under a bit of pressure in the first half with his runs. Did better with Enrique after being put at LB towards the end.

Allen - 5 - He was completely overrun most of the game, as evidenced by his WWE takedown of Torres. While not as good as Agger's forearm to the face of a few years ago, it is always nice seeing Torres get manhandled and crying with his Abby Wambach haircut. His passing was also not quite up to standards for the second game in the row. This is a bit worrisome.

Enrique - 6 - I see him getting a lot of praise, but he really wasn't spectacular. He got himself in to good positions (when he wasn't offside), but he then wasted opportunities. However, he was fantastic in defense and when he did give the ball away, he immediately got it back. He and Johnson actually look like a fantastic pairing on the wing though. Both cover solidly and like to get forward.

Gerrard - 6 - The first 70 minutes of this game were very subdued for him. However, in true Captain Fantastic style, he turned it on for the final push to the end. Had some exquisite passes including an inch perfect ball over the top to Suarez from deep in his own half. His injury is a bit worrisome though, he is having a scan of his knee today.

Sahin - 5 - Provided very little to the game. A few decent touches early and then he went quiet until subbed.

Sterling - 7 - Was not at his best when playing in the 5 man midfield. He definitely looked like an outright winger. He did provide a lot more width and pace once moved into his traditional position.

Suarez - 8 - His usual craft a guile wasn't quite there. His nutmegs didn't come off as usual in the first and as a result he was largely subdued then. Came alive in the second half, took his goal well, albeit with a pretty hefty shove of Ramires (although Ramires is so slight it might have been the wind that knocked him over). Also nearly had the winner with a perfectly timed run that was just barely snuffed out by Cech.


Suso - 7 - His introduction changed the game (although it was likely more due to the tactical change). Was much more direct than Sahin and also took the corner that resulted in the goal. Not a bad 30 minutes.