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Beast Of Burden: Liverpool v. Swansea

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The matches are really piling up now.

God, I hate that song. And i love the Stones, don't get me wrong. But that has to be one of their worst songs. You know it's bad when sorority girls love it. Then again, there's a lot of Stones songs that sorority girls like. Probably helps keep Mick young. Anyway, that's what this match is starting to feel like. i know there's a fair few supporters who at the very least will not kick anything if Liverpool exit the competition tonight.

It's hard to know where the balance is between having enough games to keep everyone sharp and give other youngsters a look and prepare them for when they have to fill in on the top squad, and when you're simply stretching things too thin with this ridiculous schedule Liverpool have to get through the next two months. So far, I feel like Rodgers has done a pretty admirable job with that balance. The only risky stretch was the one just completed, where most the regulars got three games in a week. But all those games were in Liverpool with no travel, so that was the time to do it. It got Liverpool closer to advancing in Europe as well as garnering four of six points in the league (though it should have been all).

With that in mind, this will be the match that he rings the changes and gives everyone a rest who needs one. It'll probably be the same case next week for the trip to Russia, as both of those come with tough league matches after.

With that in mind, we know that Jones will start behind Coates and Carragher. We can be pretty sure that Jack Robinson will start on the left, as with Enrique just gaining full fitness he's not going to start two matches in four days just yet. With Glen Johnson iffy, it would have to be the apparently-now-fit John Flanagan on the right. But if not, Wisdom could get his third straight start and the first one subbed off, with Enrique and Johnson possibly ready to man the flanks at the weekend.

in midfield, Joe Allen has to be sat even though this is his former team. For both he and Gerrard the full 90 against Everton has to be one of the more draining of the season. Henderson only came on for the last 15 so he's a cert to start. Shelvey only had a half, as did Sahin, so you'd think that's it. Suso could be shifted to the tip of the triangle as he only had a half against Everton as well, but he probably is needed too much at the weekend.

We know that Downing and Assaidi are the side-forwards (my own term there!) in the second-tier games. Will it be Yesil or Pacheo in between them? Those are really the only questions, unless Rodgers wants to give everyone a laugh and have Joe Cole be the "false 9". Now that I've said that, I think more and more that's what he'll do.

Swansea have had a lie-detector on a meth-head start, with the needle moving everywhere. They started out on fire, unbeaten in their first four and scoring goals for fun. But then they only won one of their next five before a victory over Wigan and a narrow loss to City. And that one win was over Crawley Town in this competition. They also have Chelsea on the docket at home next on Saturday, so it's not going to be the regular 11 by any means here. Unless Laudrup is already chalking off the home date with the league leaders, and that wouldn't seem to be in his DNA.

I doubt we see leading scorer Michu for this one, and Routledge and Dyer could be rested too even after giving Pool such nightmares last year. There are some injury concerns at the back for the Swans as well. Michael Vorm is out, as his right-back Angel.

This one's not to TV anywhere, so we won't have a normal wrap or thread I don't think. If you find a feed somewhere, let us know in the comments.