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Around The World, Around The Bend, Around Town...

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What we learned

Michael Regan

I think I'm going to start doing this a little more often, spin around the league's action from the weekend. The Offside has so much of the Liverpool news covered, I don't want to get redundant. And it'll be more fun. So let's spin!

-First, some Liverpool news. Ha! See what I did there? Anyway, Pepe Reina aggravated his hamstring injury in training, and looks dead certain to miss Sunday's home clash with Newcastle as well as assuredly sitting out tomorrow's League Cup tie against Swansea. And now that this has happened, you can't help but worry about this becoming a recurring thing or worse. Hamstrings, when they go this often in a short span, you kind of wonder if they won't keep doing so. Anyway, they've got to handle Pepe carefully. Unless you want to see Brad Jones more regularly. And if you, you must be into some serious sick sadomasochistic shit.

-Anyway, moving on. The big clash after the Merseyside Derby was Chelsea-United and it wasn't short of talking points was it? It's always funny to see bad things happen to Fernando Torres, but when it comes against United and is that farcical even I couldn't laugh. It's one thing to miss the foul on Torres, though shouldn't you just assume that it was a foul because it was Johnny Evans? How does he keep getting away with this shit? He clattered into Shelvey, and Shelvey got sent off. He took down Suarez, nothing called. Now this? It's like the refs had a memo go around to completely forget that he's terrible and thus can't ever do wrong.

Secondly, I thought yellow cards for diving were only supposed to be produced for dives to get a penalty. Maybe it's for any blatant dive (right Phil Neville) but it seems a tad harsh when it's not an attempt to win a penalty that will sway the game. Call it as you would a foul, sure. But then I guess you'd have more diving all over the field, and that would be a bad thing.

-javier Hernandez, I wouldn't celebrate so much if I just scored against a nine-man team and I was offside. Who are you, Pippo Inzaghi? God I hate him.

-As for the match itself, United did expose what is Chelsea's problem. You have to risk being battered by them to beat them. The defense just isn't that impressive, and can get stranded with only Ramires and the definitively mediocre Mikel to shield them. You can cut through Chelsea if you can get the ball off of them. Something to keep in mind next week when Liverpool have to go to The Bridge.

-Arsenal are doing that thing again where they look really ropey through October and November, and you start eying their place in the top four. Arsene Wenger gets all defensive and angrier each time, and you're sure that this time he's lost it. They grind out just enough points to not lose touch, as they slowly get it together over the winter before ending up where they should in the spring. It's kind of annoying, and I don't see why it'll be different this year. Especially with Wilshere coming back (before he breaks again) to combine with Carzola. Which won't be good for anyone.